5 ways to play baseball like a pro

5 Ways to Play Baseball like a Pro

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5 ways to play baseball like a pro. Baseball is a game of skill, but it’s also one where you can’t always count on being able to perform your best. You could be feeling tired or sore, or there may be a cold wind making it hard to see the ball.

You can read baseball rules trivia and play the game with a lot of heart, but there’s no substitute for knowing how to play baseball like a pro. Here are some ways you can improve your game and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

When you’re facing these kinds of obstacles, here are some ways to play like a pro:

Throw harder

Throw the ball harder. Even if you’re not a pitcher, throwing with power can make all other throws more effective and accurate.

Use a weighted ball. This will help strengthen your arm muscles, which in turn makes it easier to throw hard-on commands.

Practice throwing from different angles, as well as different speeds, both of which are important for hitting and fielding successfully (as well as pitching).

Get someone else to play catch with you regularly so you can get used to throwing when someone else is around (or even better: practicing with people who know what they’re doing).

Run faster

Running faster is the most obvious way to boost your game and there are a few ways to do it.

  • If you’re chasing a pop fly, run faster. Running faster will help you get to the ball first and make a catch before an opponent does.
  • If you’re running on base, run faster. Running faster will get you around more bases in less time for an extra-base hit or home run (and hopefully not into another player).
  • If you’re stealing home, running faster will help keep the defense from getting the ball off in time. Even if they do get it off in time, running faster gives them less distance to throw so maybe they’ll miss.

Hit farther

Practice makes perfect. The best way to improve your batting average is to practice, and the simplest way to do that is to take batting practice. When you’re practicing, be sure to use a tee for your first few swings so that you can focus on making solid contact with the ball.

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Remember eyes on the ball, head still, and hips through it.

Swing with your hips, not your arms. When swinging at a pitch (no pun intended), make sure not to swing wildly from side-to-side or up and down, instead keep your hands in front of your body as if they were holding an invisible bat.”

Make better plays

To play like a pro, you’ll need to make better plays than the average baseball player. This means being able to:

  • Avoid the ball
  • Catch the ball
  • Field the ball
  • Throw the ball
  • Hit the ball (catch it)
  • Pitch and run bases

Perform under pressure

The best way to perform under pressure is to relax and breathe. The more you focus on your breathing, the less likely it is that your brain will be flooded with panic signals. If you’re not used to breathing properly, start by taking deep breaths through your nose for about five seconds each time. Then exhale slowly through pursed lips for about 10 seconds before inhaling again.

Try practicing this technique when you’re feeling calm and relaxed, so that it will come easily during a stressful situation such as a baseball game or job interview. You can also try visualizing yourself playing well in front of a mirror before going out onto the field or stage; remember: visualizing success is just as useful as practicing.


These are just a few ways to play baseball like a pro. You might be wondering how to get started, but we have some great tips below.

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