Why Is ReactJS So Popular in Web App Development?

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One of the most critical JavaScript component libraries to create web development solutions is ReactJS. Since its initial creation in 2011 by a guy named Jordan Walke, it has won the hearts and minds of several professionals working in the field of web development.

For creating front-end web apps like scroll bars, tabs, menu searches, and many other features, developers utilize ReactJS, sometimes referred to as React. It offers developers a highly interactive way to create attractive front-end web apps.

Additionally, ReactJS web development services allow developers the freedom to create web applications or mobile apps with less effort and greater mobility.

ReactJS is the most popular angular framework, with 40.14% of developer votes, while ASP.NET is ranked fifth with 15.74% of votes, according to Stack Overflow. Additionally, Angular JS has a vote percentage of 11.49%, placing it last out of the frameworks mentioned below. The graphic below, stolen from the Stack Overflow website, illustrates the same.

React.JS     40.14
Vue.JS       18.97%
Angular JS11.49%

So, in this post, we will examine the primary reason ReactJS is so well-liked among all the frameworks created.

Why Use the ReactJS Framework When Developing Web Apps?


ReactJS was created with high-performance behavior in mind. It enables server-side rendering, which facilitates the development of online and mobile apps with simplicity and comfort. It allows complicated applications to run extremely quickly within the blink of an eye.  

Simple to Learn

ReactJS is simpler to learn than express and Spring compared to other web development frameworks. It increases productivity for organizations by making it simpler to create online and mobile apps. People have a natural tendency to steer clear of topics that are challenging to learn. ReactJs is thus catching the attention of many developers, and they are trying to master it to construct an increasing number of web apps with more precision and accuracy.

Helps in the Development of Rich User Interfaces (UIs)

UIs are crucial components of any online or mobile application in the modern world. The rear end and front end both suffer from inaccurate front ends. ReactJS is essential in this situation. Front-end-savvy developers can quickly construct the user interface and the web application functions without issues.

Enables the Creation of Custom Components

ReactJs includes JSX, an optional syntactic extension that helps in the creation and implementation of custom components by developers. JSX allows HTML rendering, making it easier for developers to write code quickly. Additionally, it is used to transform HTML code into ReactElements trees.

Increases Developer Productivity

When there are multiple frequent changes and a sophisticated programme, it usually causes the developer headaches. Because of this, Facebook entered the scene and created ReactJS, which offers capabilities for component reuse. The procedure is exceptionally straightforward; programmers may generate text boxes, buttons, and checkboxes and place them in wrapper conditions before advancing them into the main component. React has internal logic for each element, which boosts developer productivity and results in cleaner, more maintainable code.

Provides Quick Rendering

As was already discussed, HTML provides quick rendering. In today’s environment, if the rendering is sluggish, the application’s development will be pretty slow, giving the developer pain. ReactJS has DOM functionality with a tree-like structure.


Search engine optimization is one of the most crucial elements in every web development programme. ReactJS is popular because of its one feature, which ranks high in search engine optimization and is simple to find on Google. ReactJS has another aspect that makes it a well-liked tool for web development among developers.

Useful Developer Tool Set

Learning new emerging technologies may be exciting and challenging if the learning resources and the route are the right ones. Facebook has just provided the React and Chrome development tools for the convenience of developers creating a sophisticated web application. Development tools assist developers in building and writing rigid code for sophisticated web applications and recognizing parent and child hierarchies.

Strong Community Support

With so many new features added to ReactJS, it has become a popular feature among developers and has earned significant relevance in the current environment. In Saudi Arabia, there are several ReactJs development companies. Additionally, several coding websites provide developers free assistance if they face problems using ReactJS.

Provides Superior Code Stability

In the past, conventional frameworks would alter the parent structure whenever the child structure changed. ReactJs, although being a flexible framework, keeps the parent structure in place. It provides enhanced code stability and streamlined web application performance as a result. Additionally, many CEOs and directors use ReactJS software development firms and specialists.

Testing and Functionality

In addition to providing a versatile framework for web development, ReactJs also makes testing simple and well-designed. It is used to create a thoroughly tested function without cost and makes it extremely simple to develop and test web applications.


This article explores some factors that make ReactJS so well-liked among web developers. The USA is home to many ReactJS development companies that only use ReactJS to create web apps. They also employ ReactJS developers proficient in HTML for the front end and JavaScript for the back end. Additionally, top executives use resources from ReactJS software development companies to work on numerous client projects, get more knowledge, and efficiently create online and mobile apps.

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