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Why are Automatic Watches Worth Considering?

by ghisellerousso

Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Umer Malik

There are numerous types of watches and these watches are powered by different types of mechanisms. The mechanism is known as watch movement, which uses different kinds of technology to keep the timepiece ticking with precision and accuracy. There are mainly three types of mechanisms and they are mechanical movement, automatic movement and quartz movement. Making a watch is not easy. It requires skills, precision and attention to detail. The working mechanism of the watch from the inside is complex, irrespective of its movement.

Evolution of the Watch Movement

At the time when watches became a staple for both fashion and function, men’s pocket watches with chains attached were designed. Those pocket watches were powered by mechanical movements, which required periodic winding of the watch to keep it ticking. Later, automatic movement was introduced, which started being used to power wristwatches. 

Automatic Watch Movement

With the evolution of watchmaking and the arrival of automatic watches, low maintenance and more user-friendly timepieces were made. Unlike mechanical watches, automatic watches were self-winding that harness the energy from the movements of the wearer’s wrist and store it in the watch’s mainspring.

How does the automatic mechanism work?

The movement of the wearer’s wrist engages a weighted rotor mechanism. The rotor uses stored energy from the mainspring to help the watch to wind itself. However, it can still be wound manually, if necessary, which is rare if worn regularly. Automatic watches have a weighted mechanism which might feel hefty on the wearer’s wrist. However, most people, especially men take the weight as a reminder of good quality. The weight of the watch makes it feel durable, reliable and comfortable.

Some of the Best Automatic watches

Here are the best automatic movement men’s affordable watches.

Seiko SSK003:

Inspired by the brand’s iconic sports range, it has a stainless-steel case and a five-row bracelet, which give the timepiece classic sports watch aesthetic. It has many features such as a rotating bezel, see-through and screw case back, etc. It is water resistant as well.

Citizen NJ0100-46L:

It is a stylish, compact and classier automatic watch for men. The watch straps are made of premium leather and hence can be worn effortlessly. The Japanese brand Citizen is known for its attention to detail and craftsmanship and therefore is worth investing in. The watch has crystal glass that is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. The watch is effortlessly stylish and is best for formal events or official meetings.

Tissot PRX Automatic Chronograph:

As the name suggests, the timepiece is a work of horological art. It has an automatic movement with a power reserve capacity of up to 60 hours. The case of the watch is made using a sapphire crystal that has an anti-reflective coating and is scratch resistant. The timepiece is packed with amazing features and has a sports watch vibe.

Timex Waterbury Dive Automatic 40mm:

A handsome device with a green face, leather strap and rotating ring hark. The timepiece has a vintage style with 21- jewel automatic movement and effortless functionality. It is one of the most beautiful and affordable diving watches, especially for those who love watches and are sports and adventure enthusiasts. The timepiece is robust and has accuracy in time.

If you are looking for something that has a balance of both tradition and innovation, automatic watches are worth considering. When it comes to choosing the best watch, automatic watches are low maintenance, and their weighted mechanism sets them apart from others, giving them a posh and appealing look to the watch wearers.

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