What Vegan Foods Should You Eat For Healthy Skin

What Vegan Foods Should You Eat For Healthy Skin

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It’s easy to get caught up in trying to by the latest trends for skincare. After all, there only so many cleansers and moisturizers you can choose from. But having good skin is not just limited to what you put on your face. In fact, eating right is a great way to get the nutrients you need to get fresh and supple skin. Eating vegan food can help a lot. It is a much more natural way to not only look good but also feel a lot healthier, since the nutrients you get can be carried out to the other parts of your body. There might also not be a need to go for skincare procedures this way, since these foods may help in plumping the skin without injectables. So, what exactly are some foods you can eat for your skin?

Leafy Greens

Of course, greens are the way to go when it comes to eating healthier. This is one of the biggest parts to take into consideration if you want to consider living a vegan lifestyle. Even so, there’s a reason why greens are so well-recommended. They pack a punch in terms of nutrients, including Omega-3, which may just become your new best friend. It helps balance your skin’s oil production, minimize breakouts, and lessen any aging signs. Kale, spinach, and arugula are just some of the foods you can choose from. You can also turn them into a shake to drink on the regular if you don’t exactly see yourself eating salad every day. 


These are more than just a trend on Instagram. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, which can help in collagen production. Collagen is one of the more sought-after nutrients for skin benefits. It can come in various face masks as well as supplements, although having avocados are a more natural way of getting the same effect. The best part about it all is that avocados can be in an assortment of dishes. It can be made into a dip or as a spread on some whole what bread. There are also other foods that have vitamin E—spinach, almonds, and sweet potatoes are only some of the other choices. 


Carrots are a good source of vitamin A, which is helpful for those who find themselves with a lot of skin issues. For one, it can help make healing faster. Vitamin A can also help prevent breakouts, and it can also aid in minimizing any pigmentation or dark spots. Carrots aren’t just a cure for conditions, though. It also has the added benefit of natural hydration. Carrots can be integrated into many meals, from salads to cakes. You wouldn’t be bored of eating it on a regular basis—or even drinking it as a juice, for that matter. Other foods, including squash and tomatoes, are also rich in vitamin A. 


You may have heard that oats are great for breakfast meals as they give you energy. They also contain silica, which can help in minimizing any signs of aging. It helps keep your skin stay hydrated and plump. This has also been known to aid in regenerating tissues and skin. You could even think of it as a natural anti-aging moisturizer. There is, after all, a reason why oat face masks are a thing. Having a bowl of oatmeal may seem unflavorful, but you can always add a mixture of other ingredients to spice it up. Bananas and raisins are great to mix in—both also contain silica. 


These can do wonders for your skin, as the vitamin Zinc contained in them does all sorts of duties at once. It helps carry out vitamin A to the rest of the body, and it is important as well for collagen structures. It’s the kind of nutrient that pulls everything together. You could be doing yourself a favor by snacking on some peanuts. Or, if you happen to be allergic, you can opt for beans either in a dip or a flavorful homemade stew. The popular hummus sauce, which is made from chickpeas, is also a great source of zinc. Pair the legumes with any of the other skin-food recommendations on your next dinner menu, and your skin will thank you. 

Going Vegan

Having a vegan lifestyle requires a great deal of commitment—and so does great skin. You could have the most expensive and luxurious skincare products that money could buy. But if you’re not eating right, it’s very likely to show. Treating your skin on the outside is not enough. It’s more than just making your skin look fresh and smooth. It’s about keeping yourself healthy on the inside as well. After all, your skin is the picture of your overall health. Any discoloration or conditions are usually a reflection of how your body feels on the inside. It’s best to take care of yourself starting from within. 

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