What Is Acoustic Glass That Helps Reduce Noise Levels?

by Abdul Rehman

The goal of acoustic-performing glass windows is to minimise the sound. It will block out external noises like main highways, motorways, traffic overhead trains, flights or animal sounds as well as rain hitting the glass.

The installation of soundproofing glass could be installed in buildings to serve as windows for internal use or partitions for offices. Acoustic glass is typically two glass panes that are bonded together with an acoustic vinyl butyral (PVB) layer in between, which is similar to laminated glass.

The sandwiched layer is the crucial component which absorbs sound energy and minimises vibrations. Acoustic glass thickness can make an impact on the amount of insulation. The more thick the glass, the more effective the noise reduction.


1.   Sound Reduction

Our soundproofing glass is able to reduce the noise level to an impressive 40dB which is 14 decibels greater than certain double-glazed window units can manage to achieve.

In other tests, when contrasted with standard glass, acoustic glass is able to reduce the noise outside by as much as 60 percent. With all the benefits of indoor sound, it permits homeowners to live with peace.

2.   Impact Security & Safety

Acoustic CUIN Glass provides a higher amount of protection than conventional double-glazed units. Because they are a laminated type of glass, with a PVB interlayer, this product won’t break into smaller pieces after an impact of a significant size.

It will keep the damaged pieces in place and prevent entry through the window and also reduce the chance of injuries.

3.   Cut To Size

Acoustic laminate is generally available in stock sizes of various thicknesses. If you require custom measurements we will organise that laminated glass be cut to the right size to fit the frames you have chosen.

The Majority Of Window Styles

How much do new windows cost can be used in conjunction with numerous frames and window profiles. If your windows have Georgian bars and decorative insets, or leaded windows, we are able to reduce our noise-reducing glass to the right size to fit your needs.


1.   A Hefty Price For A Choice

Acoustic CUIN windows cost more than standard windows. They require a greater number of steps in the manufacturing process and require the creation of many layers of materials. They may cost about the same as triple-glazing windows.

2.   Thermal Properties

It’s not an absolute fact that laminated glass has the same capabilities as double-glazed windows to help keep the warmth inside your home. But, certain window types are more energy efficient due to how they are made to provide an insulating as well as an acoustic layer.

Other Benefits Of Acoustic Glass

Noise damping is but one way in which acoustic glasses can help improve your working or living environment. The glass also offers a number of other benefits, including:


Acoustic glass laminate with lamination offers better safety characteristics, as in comparison to normal glass that is temper.

Since acoustic glass has PVB If it is broken it breaks into smaller pieces, instead of breaking into larger, dangerous shards. Because of this, it’s also very sought after by car manufacturers.

In actual fact, this feature is the reason the concept of laminated glass was first found in the first place. In 1903 the French scientist Edouard Benedictus accidentally dropped a flask that was coat in plastic cellulose in nitrate.


Naturally, we’ve discussed the ways that acoustic glass reduces the decibels that cause nerve damage, thereby safeguarding our hearing and preventing the onset of any medical problems. But, since laminated acoustic glass is also able to block 99 percent of light transmission through ultraviolet light and also provide protection against sun damage.


Average cost of new windows is available in a variety of thicknesses and layers. This is extremely beneficial in terms of security to protect cars and buildings. Particularly laminate glass that is tough is utilise by security companies and the military for bulletproofing vehicles.

That’s all you should learn about acoustic glasses and the numerous benefits it brings to vehicles and structures.

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What Does The PVB Layer Accomplish To Help Reduce Noise?

Between two glass panes there is a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that forms the acoustic sheet.

The PVB is a sturdy hydrocarbon bond between the two panes. It improves the reduction of acoustic sound by reducing the elasticity of the glass. It also provides an additional coating of absorption as well as reduction. It’s effective in diminishing the sound that travels across the glass.

What Is The Thickness Of Glass That Reduces Sound?

Sound reduction glass can be purchase in thicknesses ranging from 6.8mm up to 12.8mm Other sizes are available upon inquiry and will depend on the thickness of your frame. A millimetre increase in thickness provides a further sound reduction of approximately 1dB.

The Differential Between Standard And Laminated Glass

What if you used thicker glass inside your IGU to soundproof your windows?

Let’s look at how laminate glass can be use to absorb greater sound waves than regular glass.

While standard glass consists of one sheet, laminate glass consists of two sheets of glass that have an interlayer of plastic, generally the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that is sandwich between.

The concept for laminate glass was uncover or perhaps stumble upon during 1903 by French chemical engineer Edouard Benedictus. After dropping a glass bottle which was encase in cellulose nitrate plastic, he saw the glass break but didn’t break.

The glass engineers have been working on the art of sandwiched glass’ for a long time providing us with the laminated glazing commonly used today in the construction, transportation and automotive industries.

The interlayer doesn’t just strengthen the glass, but also serves as a platform to incorporate different glass technologies that can enhance the glass in certain ways, like UV filtering, fire resistance and the ability to dampen sound.

When used in the field, a sheet of laminated glass is much more effective in blocking sound waves than normal glasses of similar dimensions due to the fact that sound waves have greater trouble travelling through the interlayer of glass sheets as well as an PVB interlayer.

This is the reason laminate glass is widely utilise as a soundproof glass. Even a single piece of laminated glass in an insulated glass structure can boost the noise block advantages by a few decibels.

Utilise thicker glass or greater air space, as well as the laminated sheet and double-glazed windows will let you take a sip of your morning coffee while reading the news without interruption regardless of how many trucks are speeding across the road and honking horns during the rush hour of the morning.

SoundStop CIP – which makes use of Acoustic resin as an interlayer.

SoundStop PVB – SoundStop PVB is a PVB laminated glass, which has an Acoustic Grade PVB interlayer.

SoundStop EVA – This is a laminated glass that makes use of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) as an interlayer. EVA is a great soundproofing material and also provides UV-filtering.

The distinction between the different grades of acoustic glass as well as between laminated and acoustic grades might not be enough to be able to tell. Research has shown the difference between three decibels is barely noticeable to the human ears.

That means that, unless there are significant enough differences between one type of acoustic glasses and the other it is unlikely that you will detect the difference.

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