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Ways to Save Smartphones from Water Damage at a Phone Repair Store

by Olivia Anderson

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Having your phone ruined by water is a frustrating experience. However, we rely on them to keep our lives in order. Devices like these serve as companions, timekeepers, alarm clocks, and access points to the broader world. Because of this, the thought of being apart from them, even temporarily, can be unsettling. There are several simple ways to repair your smartphone after a mishap, so there’s no need to panic and keep pressing the power switch in the hopes that it will eventually turn back on. If your phone becomes unresponsive after diving into the water, either take it to a phone repair store or follow the below steps.

How to Fix Water Damaged Mobile at a Phone Repair Store Or By Yourself?

For your phone to start working in no time, visit a phone repair store immediately or follow the steps below;

1. Remove the device from the water immediately:

At the outset, prolonged submersion in water is probably bad for your smartphone. Therefore, the first step you should do if you harm your smartphone with water is to pull it out of the liquid, which is certainly not the most enjoyable task depending on the water outlet where you threw your device.

2. Open up the phone:

As soon as you’ve retrieved it, turn off your smartphone to prevent more harm. Turning it off will allow you to disassemble it for a thorough examination of its condition. Then, carefully take out the battery and SIM card to dry them out independently.

However, take care not to use too much force, as a smartphone that has been crushed into a billion fragments may be more challenging to fix.

3. Dry your device:

After disassembling your phone, use a dry microfiber towel or napkin to soak up any remaining moisture. Don’t be compelled to dry a nasty spill too aggressively; doing so may cause further damage. Instead, dab the sticky area with a damp cloth to remove the residue and wipe the device.

The water damage to your smartphone will have to be mitigated before you can begin serious repairs.

4. Try some rice:

It’s okay if you want to use something else instead of rice. You have successfully removed most of the wetness, but you still need to speed up the drying process to remove every last trace of moisture from the phone. Some users prefer to utilize a hairdryer, which can accelerate the process and force the liquid further into your smartphone if you’re not cautious. Some people find that vacuum cleaners are the most effective way to remove water from their phones without risking further damage. One should take care not to suck up the handset.

5. Let it rest for a while:

The only thing left to do is wait. Most folks will advise you to wait an entire week for the smartphone to dry out after a spill before using it again. Still, in most cases, a day will do the job; keep your device off throughout that time. If this process fails, you better visit a cell phone repair store in Brooklyn.

Need a Cell Phone Repair Center to Fix Your Phone? Visit Mr. Fix Repair Now!

Your smartphone’s manufacturer warranty may be null and void if it gets wet since many smartphones feature signs that change color when wet, but your insurance coverage may cover water damage. You can file a claim if your device is protected. Alternatively, take it to a phone repair store like Mr. Fix Repair if you have any problems. We have satisfied consumers across the city who have used our guaranteed services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can water damage mess up your phone?

When water gets into a phone’s connectors, ports, and microphones, it becomes a dangerous substance that can destroy the device. When it reaches the interior, it begins to flow through the circuits. What is the outcome? Because water is a conductor, the voltage it conducts causes the cell phone to get overloaded with power, which causes the circuit to become permanently damaged.

How long does it take for water damage to manifest?

Within the confines of your gadget, there seem to be over nine hundred contact points. If any fluid, moisture, or even mud is allowed to remain on your device’s contacts without being removed, hazardous particles will be left behind, which can lead to corrosion. Unfortunately, the effects of liquid damage are not often immediately noticeable and may not become evident for weeks or even months.

What to do after dropping my phone into the water?

Give your phone a light shake to eliminate water that may have gotten into the headphone socket, charging socket, or other ports. Next, place your device in a dry rice dish, ensure it is well covered, and let it sit there for at least 48 hours. Whenever the 48 hours are over, examine the valves for rice and eliminate any grains you find using a pair of tweezers on the smaller side.

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