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Virtual Call Center Solutions Providers in New Delhi, India

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Virtual call center telephony solutions are used by businesses ranging from startups to well-established businesses to run and build a successful operation. Virtual call center services in India are widely regarded as the best available to both customers and businesses.

As you might expect, virtual call center telephony solutions is a call center where agents work remotely rather than in an office. This is a significant advantage for any business because it eliminates investing in a workspace and other equipment.

Many startups and small and medium-sized businesses have limited resources and lack call center training solutions needed to run such large-scale operations, which is why most opt to outsource call centers.

Businesses that use virtual call center training solutions reap numerous benefits, including delivering exceptional customer experiences. Connecting customers with the right agent quickly and efficiently has a huge positive impact on business revenues.

With that in mind, let us see what makes Aavaz FreePBX one of the leading virtual call center solutions providers in New Delhi, India.

What is Aavaz FreePBX?

Aavaz FreePBX

Aavaz FreePBX is a small and medium-sized business (SMB) outbound telemarketing solution. By handling your prospects and following up on your targeted buyers, Aavaz allows you to manage your telemarketing activities effectively.

Aavaz FreePBX is a full-featured software as a service (SAAS) platform for delivering applications over the internet. Aavaz is available on browsers, iOS, and Android for a seamless engagement between businesses and their customers. It streamlines the work process and makes calling faster and more efficient by integrating CRM and progressive dialers with different tone alternatives depending on different business requirements.

Why Choose Aavaz FreePBX For Your Virtual Call Center Telephony Solutions?

Virtual call center solutions 

Here is how Aavaz’s call center outsourcing solutions performns outperforms itself:

  • Helps you improve the efficiency of your outbound callers by ensuring that your callers call more contacts in less time which lowers your overall cost. 
  • De-duplication is one of Aavaz’s features that helps you remove redundant data contacts, saving your callers’ miscommunication and your leads’ confusion!
  • Since it’s a virtual call center telephony solution, you can hire people you wouldn’t have considered otherwise due to locations and other factors, despite their unique skills.

You can hire people based on their unique skills from anywhere in the world with a virtual call center telephony solution.

  • Unlimited software choices from over 1500 software options in 600+ software categories. 
  • Solid response time. Get unmatchable customer support from India’s best software experts from helping you compare different product features, pricing, and more to grow our business. 

Aavaz Call Center Suite Features Includes:

  • Sales Workflow Automation
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Multichannel Support
  • Multi-Location
  • Contact Management
  • Tracking
  • Integration
  • Reports
  • Lead Management
  • Surveys
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customization

Aavaz Product Feature Includes:

  • Integrated contact management Optimised workflows makes dialing faster and more accurate
  • Run effective outbound/inbound campaigns
  • Lead and support ticket management
  • Live agent monitoring
  • Integrated Voice, CRM, Marketing, Lead, Support on the dialer
  • Setup your PBX and IVR in a few minutes
  • Powerful De-duplication
  • Report on everything
  • Complete call recording and tracking


From tracking your inbound and outbound calls to providing you with customized call center telephony solutions, Aavaz FreePBX is the one-stop shop for all your telephony needs. It offers a set of products and services including virtual call center telephony solutions that meet your touch-point needs today, tomorrow, and for the future.

Aavaz FreePBX gives you an instant competitive advantage to not only survive in any industry but thrive. The flexibility of Aavaz comes from its ability to scale from an on-premise solution to a completely distributed workforce with virtual call center telephony solutions, from a single agent to thousands of calls per hour. There’s an Aavaz for you.

So, if you want the most up-to-date call center telephony solutions along with customized call center training solutions, contact Aavaz Free PBX today!

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