5 secrets steps to get fake bangs without cutting your hair

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Bangs are a fantastic hairstyle that you can wear everyday. Bangs come in a variety of forms and can dramatically alter the shape of your face if done correctly. Most celebrities are mostly flaunting their bangs flawlessly.

Getting bangs is not an easy decision because we often regret it instantly. There is no Ctrl+z to undo once you chop your hair.

The only solution to achieve a bang without cutting your hair is bangs hair extensions. Having fake bangs helps you get perfect bangs, and when you are tired of your bangs, you can remove them.

Follow the steps to apply the fake bangs without cutting your natural hair.

  1. Select The Right Bangs Hair Extensions

long layered hair with bangs can make women gorgeous

Are you new to bang hair extensions? No problem! Start by selecting the appropriate bang hair extensions. For example, If your natural hair is curly, curl bangs are your right choice and if it’s straight, go with straight bangs. 

Make sure to wear fake bangs with the same shades as your natural hair because it is more noticeable. So get fake bangs that blend well with the texture and color, and you will look flawless. 

  1. Trim Your Fake Bangs

Cut your bangs according to your face structure.

When you buy your bangs hair extensions from the market, it is unlikely that your bangs will blend in with your natural hair. It would help if you had some trimming on your fake bangs to make it more natural. Simple changes in bangs can add value to your looks.

It is easy to trim bangs on your own if you want. If not, visit the nearest salon and let them do it for you. Side bangs hair is also a popular and charming hairstyle. Try getting these bangs, and you will look fabulous in this hairstyle. 

  1. Use A Wide-toothed Comb

A wide-tooth comb is necessary to avoid falls in hair strands in bangs.

A wide-toothed comb is a must-have hair tool. Always use a wide-toothed comb to avoid damage and brittle on your extensions and natural hair. Using this comb will save your hair strands from falling and deteriorating fast.

If you are planning to get short hair with bangs, comb your long hair thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb and make sure there are no bump on your hair. If your crown is not flat, your bangs and hair extensions can’t fit perfectly, making people notice you fake bangs.

  1. Move The Hair Bangs Towards The Crown

Install the side bangs hair in a correct position

When we wear bangs, we are always concerned that our bangs may slide or be noticeable. Relax! Make sure the crown where you will attach your bangs hair extension is accurate and that each side is even before putting them. If it is not even, your bangs will look crooked, and it is obvious that you are wearing bangs extensions. 

One way to secure your bangs from sliding is using a bobby pin on each side of the flat. If you are worried about how short hair with bangs will work, know that bangs suit more with short hair.

  1. Blend Your Bangs

Blend your hair bangs with your natural hair

When it comes to hair extensions,  blending is key. Once you install best hair extensions, try shaking your head to ensure it won’t slide. Either use a wide-toothed comb or your hand to blend your bangs with natural hair.

After you finish blending your bangs, get the last touch-up with make-up. Get ready for any event you’ve been anticipating and show off your stunning appearance to others.


These tips for applying fake bangs extensions will benefit you. Make sure to flaunt them proudly. Go for fake bangs that blend with your natural hair. Take into consideration your hair type, texture, and color before buying bangs. Install your bangs correctly and secure them tightly to avoid sliding.

Lucky for us because we can get bangs on our hair without needing to cut our hair. 

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