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Royal Tunbridge Wells, a spa near the Chalybeate Spring, was founded at the beginning of the 17th Century. It was believed to be able to treat colic, sadness, and other characteristics. It was named Turnbridge Wells in honor of the nearby city of Tonbridge, spelled initially “Tunbridge.”

Tunbridge Wells was closely linked to the UK’s wealthier classes for a long time. Two of the most famous tourists to the area were William Makepeace Thackeray, a writer, and Thomas Bayes, a mathematician. There are many references to Turnbridge Wells in literature. David Lean’s famous movie Lawrence of Arabia describes its atmosphere as the best. Dryden responds to King Feisal with these phrases: “Taxi To Gatwick From Tunbridge Wells” Your Highness? “I wish I had stayed in Tunbridge Wells overall.”

There are two central locations in the town. The historic part of the town is located in the south. It includes the spa and The Pantiles. It was previously known as The Walks and the Royal Parade. This distinctively uses roofing tiles for paving.

The area north of Turnbridge Wells has a modern feel and is mainly used for shopping. It does contain a few essential points of interest, such as the Trinity Theatre, the Millenium Clock on Lime Hill Road, and the Assembly Halls.

These camps are held each summer at three excellent UK colleges: Seaford College near Brighton, Clayesmore School close to Dorset (near Bournemouth), and Oundle School near Cambridge.

Expertise has qualified coaches who run summer camps and sports. English teachers are certified in teaching the language.

How it all began

Bram van Asselt, a Dutchman, founded Exsportise in 1988. Bram van Asselt, a Dutchman, developed the idea of combining English language instruction with the sport from his early experiences in England. He spoke little English at that time. He soon learned to speak English quickly because of his passion for hockey and its social opportunities.

He was a former senior hockey player and a sports development officer. He saw an opportunity for something unique and special. He set out to create an English camp to use sports to learn and develop English. His success speaks for itself almost 30 years later.

These camps have evolved from being attended by only English students to including students from all over the world. They are now an excellent place for young people to meet students from other countries, broaden their horizons, and make lasting friendships.


They are highly qualified and experienced in their respective sport and first aid. Many Olympic champions are among the Exsportise coaches team. They provide excellent education and inspiration to the youth who attend these summer camps.


They are committed to the sport and emphasize teamwork, leadership qualities, motivation, discipline, friendship, and cooperation at the sport’s core.

The camps offer a variety of activities, from rugby to dance to basketball and golf, to give young people a great experience. The best preparation is given to students to excel in the chosen activities. They are encouraged to work together and develop social skills in their chosen activities. They include them in their training programs.

Programas de Exsportise Sports Camps

Multisport Program This program allows students to cover multiple sports simultaneously. Students can spend as much as three hours daily focusing on one sport. Expertise will ensure your child spends enough time in a single sport to improve. This program is designed for international students and native English speakers.

Sport & Language International students can take the Sport & Language Program. This program consists of three hours of daily training for the chosen sport in the mornings and two and a quarter hours of English language instruction by qualified teachers. It is designed to help your child increase their Pembury Airport Taxi English language knowledge and encourage them to use it during their sports training sessions with other young English-speaking people.

Their expertise is not limited to providing summer camps for international students, where English is spoken and understood constantly.

Teachers have developed an original and dynamic approach to teaching English. They draw on students’ passions in various sports and transfer them into their lessons to make learning fun and enjoyable. Relevant and engaging, getting students interested and engaged.

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