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It’s time to turn off the road and travel the trails to Kunti Betta Trek’s supreme beauty, which will help you feel refreshed. The sunrise you will see atop the hill will give you new life. A 130 km drive on the Mysore road towards Mandya and a right turn, passing sugar cane plantations with the distinctive aroma of jaggery plants, will bring you to Pandavapura, though leaving the road is not that simple.

The name Pandavapura comes from the legend that the Pandavas ended their 14-year exile here. Kunti Betta (950 m), which has a stone pillar on its summit and steep rock faces, is difficult to miss from this vantage point. The trail to Kunti Betta Trek is reached after a short drive from Pandavapura to the temple at the base and a stair climb.

Kunti Betta is a fantastic trek for both the experienced trekker looking to do a more laid-back weekend trek as well as for the absolute novice hoping to take up serious trekking. Its challenging yet interesting trails naturally sheltered summit, and proximity to the Thonnur lake (you can trek down to the lake for a dip) make Kunti Betta an excellent trek for both.


All about Kunti Betta trek

Kunti Betta is a hillock in Pandavapura that is tucked between two hills and is 2,882 feet above sea level. It is well-known for its hiking trails. It’s a magical place to unwind and cherish some quality and peaceful time with loved ones because of its magnificent natural beauty, which is surrounded by paddy and sugarcane fields as well as coconut trees. Trekking up the hills will allow you to see a sunrise that will rejuvenate and refresh you. The months of October through May are the ideal times to visit Kunti Betta Trek.

Kunti Betta Trek is a lovely leisure activity that will offer you a glimpse of life in the wild. Additionally, the Kunti Betta Trek offers a remarkable trekking experience. You will be well prepared to help plan every aspect of your trek with the help of our travel guide.

About reaching the Kunti Betta.

About 125 kilometers separate from Bangalore (Bengaluru) from Kunti Betta. It is about 16 km from Srirangapatna and 25 km from Mandya. And is roughly 33 km; the distance between Kunti Betta and Mysore (Mysuru) is about 33 kilometers. is conveniently located and well-connected to various modes of transportation.

By Air,

Mysore Airport, which is 39 kilometers away, is the closest airport. To get to Kunti Betta from the Mysore airport, tourists can hire taxis or cabs.

By Rail, 

The distance between Kunti Betta and Pandavapura Railway Station is about 8 kilometers. From the railway station, travelers can take taxis or autorickshaws to Kunti Betta.

By Road,

Numerous buses travel from Bangalore to Mandya or Srirangapatna. From these locations, travelers can take local transportation to Pandavapura. They can then use autorickshaws to get to Kunti Betta. Because there aren’t any potholes on the roads, you can drive in comfort while taking in the scenery.

About Kunti Betta’s History,

A location with significant historical significance is Kunti Betta. It is thought that during their 12-year exile (vanavasa), the five Pandava brothers and their mother Kunti resided in these caves. Kunti spent a lot of time in this hillock; it was her favorite place to be, and the hill’s name is Kunti Betta. The hill is also known as Onake Betta because of the utensil-shaped rock and rock pestle at the top. It is said that she used to prepare meals here while they were in exile (onake means pestle in Kannada). Because the French army camped here while supporting Tipu Sultan in his war against the British, these hills were formerly known as “French Rocks.”

About the details of the Kunti Betta Trek.

Backpackers, nature enthusiasts, and trekkers from both domestic and foreign countries should visit Kunti Betta. Treks at night are especially memorable when you get to camp out under the stars with the help of fireflies. The trekking route here essentially consists of two rocky hills made mostly of granite rocks. The journey to the peak is between 45 and an hour long and covers a distance of about 2 km.  The trek is easy to moderate in difficulty and features both steep ascents and descents. The only way to get to the top of the hill is to climb the normally 60-degree-inclined rocks. Bheemana Pada, or giant footprint-like formations, are also present here and are thought to be Bheema’s from the epic “Mahabharat.” A “crocodile-faced” rock that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire area is also present.

Additionally, there is a night hike available in Kunti Betta. Trekking around Bangalore and Mysore is ideal for this destination because of the exciting overnight journey. In order to see the breathtaking sunrise, hikers spend the night on a hilltop in tents or sleeping bags. Since there are no stores nearby, you must bring your food and water. Additionally, it is completely safe for women to hike here.

About the need for a trekking guide for the Kunti Betta trek.

Whether you go on the Kunti Betta trek with or without a guide will depend on your level of experience and the goals of your hike. You’ll need to do your homework if your goal is to spend some quiet time by yourself. A guide might be perfect for you if you’re eager to meet new people. It is reassuring to trek with a guide, and you frequently won’t need to bring food or camping supplies. You will learn more about the location if your guide is knowledgeable. Going alone on a trek is not advised if you have no prior experience.

About the things to carry on Kunti Betta Trek.

You must maintain a high level of fitness if you want to go on a Kunti Betta day hike because the climb can be challenging given the topography of the hillocks. You’ll need sturdy footwear because the path is rocky and covered in loose soil. Bring enough water with you because the trip will exhaust you and make you thirsty. Bring a cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen with a high SPF if you think you might be exposed to intense sunlight. An extra set of clothing, a lightweight jacket,  basic first-aid, a sleeping bag or tent, food, sanitary kits, and a torch with extra batteries are all things you should pack if you’re going on a night hike. You must bring a camera on this trek because you will want to take pictures of the incredible sights you will see.

You can the following things along with you while on the Kunti Betta trek,

Toiletries, towels, sunglasses, extra clothing (if camping overnight), Cap/Hat, Waterbottle, Snacks, or food, Torch\s, Raincoat\s, jacket, Durable Shoes, First-aid kit,  sunscreen, hygiene kit, and camera.

About the places to visit alongside the Kunti Betta trek.

Sri MallikarjunaTemple

100 stone steps lead down from Kunti Betta to the Sri Mallikarjuna temple. This spotless temple is a significant pilgrimage site and a fine example of Dravidian architecture. On a stone next to the temple, there is a painted image of Ganesh. Behind the temple, there is a Kalyana mandapa (marriage hall) where wedding ceremonies can be held. You can find Kunti Kola, a tiny rock depression or Kalyani, right next to the temple.

Kunti Kund

At the base of the hill is Kunti Kund, a tiny lake with crystal-clear blue water. You can spend some time alone sitting by its edges and dipping your feet in the water.

Parikrama Point

Panoramic views of the entire area are available from Parikrama Point. You can see the entire area from where you are standing alone. The views from Kunti Betta are incredible because of the varying colors of the hills, the lush greenery, and the surrounding mist.

Thonnur Lake

Thonnur Lake, which is 10 km from Kunti Betta, is the ideal location to relax and unwind. It is a calm lake with cold water that is surrounded by a profusion of lush, green trees. Additionally, the area is surrounded by stunning, lush trees. Spending a short time here will help you feel close to nature.

About the activities to enjoy at Kunti Betta.

Adventurers will find a lot of excitement in Kunti Betta, a strange place. The top six adventure activities available in this area are listed below.


Kunti Betta trek will increase your heart rate and provide a thrilling experience. You might need anchored ropes to help you climb to the top if this is your first time trekking. The trek offers beautiful panoramas of the surroundings. Given that night trekking is permitted here, it’s a fantastic location for anyone looking to go on a nocturnal adventure.

Rock Climbing

The steep, rocky hills of Kunti Betta are ideal for rock climbing and present a challenge to those looking for adventure. Both novice and experienced climbers can enjoy it.


With a height of 950 meters, Kunti Betta’s summit is the perfect place to enjoy rappelling. Both the ascent and the descent are steep, making them the perfect challenge for thrill seekers. Due to its difficulty, only experienced rappelling enthusiasts should attempt it.


Sitting by a campfire in the moonlight at Kunti Betta is the ideal way to spend a night out. The valley and lake below can be seen in stunning detail from the hilltop. The excitement is only increased by spending the night in a tent.


Adventurers can cool off in Thonnur Lake’s cool waters thanks to a consistent water supply from the KRS dam’s backwaters. Since there is always water in the lake, swimming is encouraged there.


Another well-liked pastime in this region is boating, where the vessels are referred to as “dinghy.” Visitors of all ages are welcome on these boat rides.


A fantastic trekking adventure is the Kunti Betta Trek. At Kunti Betta, you can relax and have a wonderful vacation. Your trekking trip will be more enjoyable because of Kunti Betta’s stunning surroundings. You can take part in a variety of enjoyable activities in addition to trekking. Your holiday trip will undoubtedly be remembered thanks to the Kunti Betta trek.

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