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Teach English In Spain: Each And Everything You Need To Know

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Are you thinking of teaching English for a semester in Spain? Let’s explore the best way to teach English in Spain and put your teaching foot forward in English to bring the dinero back home. Spain has been a top destination for those looking to relocate abroad. It is prevalent for retirees; however, the mild climate and the high standard of living are growing in popularity for young professionals, too.

The colossal ex-pat population in Spain makes it possible to teach English in Spain and is a favorite for ex-pats. It’s a bit competitive and requires an effort to secure an English teaching job in Spain; however, the choice could be rewarding. To provide you with an idea of what you can expect in this direction, this guide lays out all the information you require about the teaching of English for a year in Spain.

English classes in Spain

Teaching English in Spain can be a unique and rewarding experience. Spain is known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, making it an ideal location for English teachers. There are many opportunities for English teachers in Spain, both in private language schools and public schools.

Teaching English in Spain provides a chance to immerse oneself in the Spanish culture and language and to learn about the country’s history and customs. The experience can be life-changing, as it offers the opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills, and see the world from a different perspective. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or just starting out, teaching English in Spain is a great way to further your career while enjoying a new adventure.

Teach English In Spain: Each And Everything You Need To Know

What are the conditions to teach English in Spain?

The great thing about this for those who want to teach English in Spain to students in Spain can be that it is possible to do so, and you don’t have to hold a degree. But, you’ll need more than the capacity to communicate in English at a high-quality level. The primary requirements to teach English in Spain to students are:

  • A recognized teacher certificate: TEFL (Teach English as an International Language), CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching adults), along TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the principal certifications. The price and duration of courses are determined by the courses you enroll in, where you’re studying, and the institution you choose to register with. It is possible to take online courses for time savings and cost. But, it’s best to obtain a certification from an institution with a solid reputation to secure the top jobs.
  • The correct visa and permit to work: If you hold received an EU passport, you don’t require a license to teach English or Spanish in Spain. However, most non-EU citizens will need a work permit to take on any job. Learn more in our guide for Spanish Visas and working visas for Spain.
  • Speaking the Spanish Language is beneficial: Fewer people are fluent in English throughout Spain than in the northern European countries. You will likely be comfortable in the bigger cities but cannot communicate in rural or quiet regions if you don’t know Spanish. Being able to share in the language of your home will help you find and apply for positions.
  • Because it’s a highly competitive field, knowledge of where to search for work is an advantage. There are some ideas from our guide for getting a job in Spain.

Are there any jobs to teach English in Spain?

There are numerous different locations where you can give classes in English to students in Spain. Here are a few of the most well-known ones.

Language schools

Language schools provide a fantastic chance to earn a steady and steady income. There are hundreds all over Spain instructing students of all levels of age and backgrounds. Schools offer various levels (from beginning to intermediate) and different hours. Because most jobs don’t have a whole week of work, You can consider teaching at several language schools simultaneously. However, the downside is that salaries aren’t as good as other leading positions.

Private schools

If you’ve got an instructor English qualification and seek a job that pays you a higher wage, you could consider an opportunity in an independent elementary school located in Spain. They typically offer benefits, a monthly salary, and paid time off. But, they do require previous teaching experience and an understanding of Spanish.

International schools

The international schools of Spain are an increasingly popular option over private schools for those looking to teach English in Spain since they are generally bilingual. Hence, the ability to speak Spanish is not as crucial. Salaries are usually decent, and class sizes are small and relatively comfortable. But, since a more significant proportion of students in international schools speak English as their first second language, it is a result that there will be fewer jobs to be found.


In the wake of Spanish universities currently offering more bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in English, the demand for highly qualified English teachers in Spain has grown in recent years. They teach English in Spain this option offers a decent salary and benefits for teachers with the necessary teaching experience and academic credentials.

Public Schools     

Spanish schools now teach English in Spain at an early age. The Ministry of Education in Spain seeks English natives to serve as cultural and language assistants within Spanish elementary schools and Spanish secondary schools. Assistants may be employed in either secondary or primary schools, and they will be involved in discussions with students. This job does not require a teacher’s certificate. The pay isn’t very high, and you’ll need to be a bit Spanish for a decent salary.

Additionally, some private schools across Spain provide English Language Assistants worldwide who would like to be teachers in Spain.

What is the average salary you can earn while teaching English to students in Spain?

It’s contingent on various factors, including the number of hours you are working, the location you’re in, the type of establishment you work for, the experience, and the level you are teaching. If you’re a teacher of English in Spain and teach English in Spain, there is a chance that you will not earn much money; however, you will make enough money to sustain yourself.

The rates per hour to teach English in Spain range from EUR14 to EUR30. Hours for the week can also be different. The hours for cultural and language assistants at public schools typically last around 12 hours a week. The work in private schools can be as long as twenty-five hours per week. Private tutoring and language school times will vary depending on the amount you spend upon. That means that your monthly salary could range from EUR700 and EUR2 500. However, they generally range from EUR1, 200-EUR1, 800. The cost of living in Spain isn’t excessively high, around 16% less than in the UK. This should suffice to live on.

How do you find a job to teach English in Spain?

The most efficient way to find jobs to teach English in Spain to students is to research. There are various job sites and forums online that you can browse. If you are already in Spain, it is possible to search for Spanish newspaper ads, join an agency for recruitment, and utilize local networks. Through Conversa Spain, native English speakers can teach their native languages as cultural ambassadors and language ambassadors within public institutions located in Madrid and Murcia.

Offering private English classes in Spain

Offering private lessons could make you more money while teaching English in the Spanish-speaking countries of Spain and provide you with more flexibility. Classes can range from casual discussions to helping students prepare for examinations. You don’t need qualifications (although they can be helpful); however, it is difficult to find students. It’s much easier with the advent of the internet, but. Some websites permit English tutors to connect with students.

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Teachers who have leaped to teach English in Spain have had a life-changing experience. Both new and experienced ESL teachers have questions about the Spanish ESL work life when considering crescendo el Charco, a Spanish phrase translating to “crossing the puddle,” about transatlantic travel.


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