Straighten Curly Hair Men

A Complete Guide About How To Straighten Curly Hair Men?

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A variety of options are available to straighten curly hair men. Straightening is done using a blow-dryer, and the comb or flat iron can also help get straight hair. Relaxers help chemically straighten the hair in the form of a semi-permanent process. The process of research trial and error techniques can help men select the correct type of hair styling equipment and the ones that perform best for their needs.

Straighten men’s curly hair

Straightening curly hair for men can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can result in a sleek and polished look. The first step is to choose a heat styling tool that will not damage the hair, such as a ceramic flat iron. It is also important to use a heat-protectant product to shield the hair from high temperatures.

Next, divide the hair into sections and use the flat iron to straighten each section, starting from the roots and working your way down to the ends. Regular maintenance, such as using a deep conditioning treatment and avoiding overuse of heat styling tools, can help to keep the hair healthy and straight. With patience and practice, anyone can achieve a smooth and straight look for their curly hair.

How to straighten curly hair men?

Straighten curly hair men

Following are the steps that will temporarily elaborate the processes of straightening curly hair furrily.

Method 1: Blow Dryer + Comb

1. Shampoo and conditioning

Before beginning the blowout, hair should be clean and well-conditioned. A conditioner can smooth the hair and make it easier to brush for those with curly hair that is extremely curly. Pat dry the hair using an apron and wash it.

  • Hair smoothing products can be thought of to speed up combing processes when straightening hair.
  • For males with hair that is curly or knotted, It is recommended to let the conditioner sit and untangle the hair with fingertips.

2. Hair moisturizing

Place a coin-sized amount of argan or coconut oil to the palm rub the palms together before running the oil over the hair from roots to the top.

  • Along with coconut oil, Argan can be believed to shield hair from damage from heat.
  • It’s essential to moisturize hair that a man is straightening.

3. Hair should be combed as straight as is possible.

To avoid hair breaking, use a comb from the end of the hair to the root. Comb the hair in sections to clear hair from tangles and knots.

  • For those who have slightly wavy hair, combing by itself can help straighten your hair.
  • Curly hair, in addition to combing the heat of blow dryers, helps to straighten hair.
  • It’s suggested to use a comb with a wide-tooth for curly hair, and hair with thinner curls, a comb with a fine-tooth is required to be employed.

4. Blow-dry the hair in the same way when it is being combed.

Place the blow dryer at medium heat and run it across the hair while combing. An attachment for the nozzle assists in controlling the flow of air. Comb hair down from the roots down to the ends. When the hair is dry, it will straighten. This can be seen or observed. Position the blow dryer approximately 1 inch/2.5 centimeters away from your hair when performing the blow drying method.

5. Blow dry and comb the remainder of your hair.

Please do not use the blow dryer on one hair section for too long since it will be affected by the high heat from the dryer. After hair is straightened in one area, you can move to another location. Continue this process until the process of hair straightening is completed.

6. Serum for smoothing application.

Smoothing serum can reduce hair frizziness and increase shine. With hand, take some amount of it and paste it from the roots of the hairs.

Method 2: Flat Ironing

1. Shampoo as well as conditioning.

Hair needs to be cleaned before starting the process of flat ironing. Detangling shampoos and smoothing conditioners will help with the hair straightening process.

2. Rinse the hair thoroughly.

The hair must dry or air-dried by blow-drying before using the flat iron. The heat produced by the flat iron may damage hair when used on wet hair.

3. Heat protection serum application.

The serum should be applied to the hair strands beginning at the roots and ending at the tips. The serum protects hair from damage caused by heat in using flat irons. Note that the serum should be applied to the hair strands.

4. Comb and flat iron hair sections.

Turn on the iron and make the lowest selection.  Then collect one inch or 2.5 cm of hair using a comb. Seal your flat iron plates to the hair’s root section gathered. After that, you can move the flat iron across the section of hair to straighten it.

  • Flat irons should be kept at 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees F).
  • A lighter tension on flat irons is suggested to protect hair from injury due to pulling.

5. Repeat flat iron until the process of straightening hair is completed.

Continue to iron hair segments until they are entirely straight. If you’ve done it correctly, the hair should appear straight with no curls or waves. Beware of leaving the flat iron in the hair for longer than a couple of seconds because the risk of burning hair is very high.

6. Hair is styled by brushing it.

A styling gel application can be a crucial element in styling hair the way you would like. Hair strands are combed back to create a slicked-back appearance or cut the hair off in a different direction. Explore different hairstyles for straight hair and select the most suitable one for the individual’s style.

Straighten curly hair men techniques that are semi-permanent.

Chemical treatments/chemical hair straightening products aid in straightening hair for more extended periods. The methods that are involved in this semi-permanent method of hair straightening include:

1: Avoid shampooing your hair for 2 to 3 days before relaxation treatment.

If irritation is present, it can worsen when the relaxer and washing the hair can result in tiny micro-abrasions left on the scalp.

2. Follow the directions for the relaxer chemical.

The directions with specific treatment methods and times must be adhered to to avoid damage to hair care.

3. Combine the relaxer chemicals to create the form of a paste.

Combine the ingredients inside the glass until they’re well mixed, and then it turns into an opaque white paste.

4. Apply the relaxer by using an applicator brush.

Hair is divided with the help of a broad-toothed combing. Begin by focusing on the ends of the hair, and work towards the root and the edges until full coverage of that particular section of hair is reached. After that, you can move to another area and repeat the procedure until the relaxer has been put on the entire hair part.

5. Relaxer left in your hair for about 10 minutes.

The directions will give the exact time for standing the relaxer on the hair. If anyone notices severe burning or irritation, it is recommended to clean the relaxer using a clarifying shampoo.

6. Hair shampooing using a cleanser shampoo.

If the package that relaxers come with includes a shampoo, make use of it to wash the post of the relaxer that was used to stand time. If not, you can use a neutralizing shampoo to clean the relaxer. After showering, you can brush your hair to see the results. A few top-rated products for straightening hair include Kiehl’s hair care stylist series straightening cream Jason high-styling gel, L’Oreal Vive thickening and grooming 6.8 Oz Gel, and John Frieda Frizz-Ease secret weapon styling cream 4oz.

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Some extra hair straightening tips for curly hair

Straightened hair should not be put up right after straightening. Make sure your gorgeous, sleek style doesn’t get twisted! Hair straightened only a few days ago is much more susceptible to kinks and bends caused by hair elastics than hair straightened two or three days ago.

The condition must be deep enough to repair the damage. It is already naturally dry for curly hair, and heat styling can exacerbate that condition. A weekly hair mask restores moisture and transforms damaged, breakage-prone hair into more robust, shinier locks.

The ends of your hair should be treated. You can tame frizz and nourish dry ends with smoothing hair oil in just a few minutes. Dry oils can restore the softness and shine of straightened hair, making it look as good as the day it was straightened.

Maintain a regular trim schedule. Split ends and frizzy strands can result from too much straightening and heat exposure. Regularly cutting curly hair will prevent dry ends and keep your hair looking healthy.


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