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Freelancing is a fast emerging market in Pakistan. The country has taken lead to become the fourth largest benefactor from the freelance, as per Payoneer’s Global Gig-Economy Index Q2 2020. Owing to such booming trends, the focus has shifted towards online freelance courses in Pakistan. The youth is enthusiastic to dive into this seamless and monetary healthy market. Another encouraging fact is that most Pakistanis under the age of 35 i.e. 90 percent, choose freelance work — more than the global average of 70pc, according to a report released by the digital payment company Payoneer.

However, an important question is where to acquire the most skilled freelance training in Pakistan. Various organizations and online institutes are offering online freelancing courses in Pakistan, including National Freelance Training Program, Al Huda Creatives, Geeky Academy, Selecta training, and Digi skills. On top of all, the Pakistan Freelancing Training Program, one of the best courses for freelancing, has the requisite set of solutions for you, as it offers a myriad number of online courses.

Freelancing makes you an independently employed professional. The popularity of freelancing is attributed to the potential for a greater professional career, ownership, income security, and a positive step in the direction of wage equality. Though there are many individuals who are interested in making the most out of freelancing, yet they are unaware that from where to get proper guidance and freelancing skills.

Going by this, PFTP is the right place to be, as it offers 40+ online courses. In fact, its freelancing track is the most in-demand commodity, as it offers freelancing, English language skills, content writing strategies, MS office expertise, and V.A Amazon course. The best thing about this freelancing course in Lahore is that it does not ask for any familiarity or pre-qualification, one can just simply walk into this course.

In addition, this best course for freelancing has got the services of the most highly trained instructors, who are delivering the knowledge and practical skills to the young ones. The interactive class environment and live zoom interactions keep you updated with the new trends of this ever-dynamic course. You can have hands-on highly productive freelancing skills with just one tap from the couch of your home. More interestingly, the medium of instruction in this online freelancing course is Urdu, the language understandable to all in Pakistan.

Our youth is tired of dropping CVs in huge office rooms and at email addresses, but with negligible response. PFTP’s Freelancing course in Lahore is one-stop solution for all your job woes as our freelancing professionals are earning anywhere between 100,000 PKR and 200,000 PKR per month. To your appreciation, you can become next in the cue to exploit this huge and rich market, in order to fulfill the demands of earning a better livelihood.

Ghazanfar Azzam, president, and CEO of Mobilink Microfinance Bank says that the country’s freelancers have received more than Rs4 billion since January 2020 using a tech-based solution amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Going forward, by successful completion of this online freelancing course more youth may become part of such a pool of FDI-generating freelancers. It gives them the opportunity to attain more freedom and flexible hours of work according to their ease.

Another feather in PFTP’s online freelancing course is that it provides you with the opportunity to utilize its internships, scholarships, and grants. In fact, you would have the ability to initiate a startup or small business as well.

Today, there are numerous online institutions that are offering freelancing courses in Pakistan. But the quest for best lands you directly at the doorsteps of PFTP’s online freelancing course in Lahore. Acquisition of skills and healthy income was not laying on the bed roses a couple of decades ago.

But today in this digital world you just need to have a small-smart pocket device in your hands to manage all your worries with just one tap. Therefore, this best freelancing course in Lahore offers you more income control, efficient self-management, and more authority over your workload and family life.

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