Escape rooms have fast become a sensational arena to venture into these days. Hosting escape room parties at different immersive and popular escape room venues has fast become a raging idea amongst the masses.   

From corporate teams hosting their team-building events to birthday parties hosted by friends or family, escape rooms have become a popular destination for diverse occasions. Whether you are just looking for a respite from the daily grind of life or for unique ways to throw a birthday party, escape rooms are here to your rescue!  

In this article, let us explore some of the essential tips and tricks that will help you to host the ultimate escape room party this year. 

Firstly, you need to decide whether you wish to throw your escape room party at home or an escape room venture. Based on what your choice is, you can check out these few strategies:  

Hosting an escape room party at a venue 

  1. Pick the perfect room 

Selecting the perfect escape room game for your party is a crucial factor. You choose from single-roomed games to those with a multi-room setup. While choosing your room, if it is easily accessible for all your teammates. Further, you must ensure whether the room can accommodate your entire team.  

  1. Choose the right theme 

Based on the kind of people you have on your team, you need to pick a suitable theme that everyone will enjoy. Since escape rooms are immersive games, it will be no fun if players fail to relate to the plot or theme. Players may not enjoy the game if it is too scary or intense for their likeness.  

  1. Have a plan B 

Things may not always go as per your plans, and emergencies can pop up at unprecedented moments. It is always judicious to visit the escapades with a plan B up your sleeves. Carry a few band-aids, antiseptic wipes, or any other supplies in case someone gets hurt in the game.  

Hosting an escape room party at home  

  1. Send creative and attractive invites  

Sending your teammates invites to the ultimate escape room house party is the first thing you need to do. You can fashion an enigmatic invite made out of black paper with your thumbprint or use some coffee-stained pieces to give your invite the look of a treasure map! Get creative and design an attractive invite for you to send out.  

  1. Choose your game 

Today, you can quickly come across different portable escape games. You can pick a suitable escape room board game for the party. From fitting into the shoes of the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot to maybe rescuing some vital artifacts, choose a thrilling adventure for the evening! Ensure that the game you select is suitable for all your invitees to play and enjoy. 

  1. Food for the party 

Of course, you cannot plan a party without some food, eh? When selecting the food items you can have for your escape room house party; you can choose a few snacks. A few cupcakes with a few escape room toppers popping on top can be a great compliment to your escape room house party! You can also keep a few drinks served along with your food items at the party.  

Escape room parties can be a fun-filled and unique experience for you to cherish for a long time. So, plan the ultimate escape room party and bewilder your guests!

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