How to remove 'High Contrast' from your screen for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

How to remove ‘High Contrast’ from your screen for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

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How to remove ‘High Contrast’ from your screen for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

High contrast on your Xbox console will allow you to have a better view of the entire game environment. With this option, you can achieve a good contrast between all the visual elements of the game and the background, the environment of both cities, and areas with a lot of vegetation and light.

High contrast helps prevent excessive eye strain and also helps gamers who have some kind of visual impairment to be able to interpret every feature of the game. If you don’t know if your Xbox console has this option turned on and you want to use it, this article will help you.

How can you tell if your Xbox is in ‘High Contrast’ mode?

The High Contrast mode is an excellent tool developed on the Xbox series X, it helps your eyesight and allows you to extend the hours of play. However, this option is not active from the factory and if you can verify this information it is better. To do so, you just have to follow each of the steps that we show you below.

  • First of all, you have to open the Xbox Guide and you do this by pressing the HOME logo of the Xbox Series X controller.
  • Then you have to go to the PROFILE and SYSTEMS menu. You easily identify him because he’s the one with your Xbox avatar.
  • Select the SETTINGS option.
  • Then you must select the option that says EASE OF ACCESS and followed by this, selects where it says HIGH CONTRAST.

There are 3 options in that menu: Off, Dark Theme, and Light Theme. If the option is set to ‘Disabled’ it means that the High Contrast mode is not active.

What is the way you can turn HDR mode on and off on your Xbox?

HDR stands for ‘ High Dynamic Range, when this option is activated movies and games offer sharp and realistic images, even more than in High Definition and this is achieved thanks to more defined colors and better contrast.

On Xbox, the default option is HDR10 or Dolby Vision. In order to activate or deactivate HDR mode on your Xbox, you just have to follow these simple steps, depending on the serial model of your Xbox.

On Xbox Series X

  • First, turn on your Xbox Series X.
  • Now open the Xbox Guide by pressing the HOME logo on the controller.
  • Locate the SETTINGS option on the far right of the screen and then you must select the TV AND SCREEN option.
  • Now you must select the option that says ‘Video modes’ or ‘Video modes’.
  • If what you want is to activate the HDR option, you have to select the check box that says ‘Allow 4K’ or ‘Allows 4K’ and you must also select the box that says ‘Allow HDR10’ or ‘Allow HDR10’.
  • If you want to disable the HDR option, you must uncheck the Allow 4K and Allow HDR10 boxes.

For Xbox Series S

  • Go to the Settings option of your Xbox Series S and then select the General option.
  • Now press the option that says TV and Screen Options.
  • Then hit the Video Modes option.
  • Not all games or monitors have HDR compatibility so before activating the option it is best to check and to do so you have to select the box that says ‘4K TV Details’.
  • If you verified and saw that the HDR option is allowed for your monitor, you just have to go back to the previous option and select the boxes that say ‘Allow HDR10’ and ‘Allow automatic HDR’.
  • If you want to disable the option, you just have to uncheck the boxes for Allow HDR10 and Allow automatic HDR.

How recommendable is the constant use of this setting on your screen?

The importance of using HDR on your screen lies in several things and the first is that it is so much better than 4K. HDR has the ability to independently remove parts of the screen that you couldn’t manually, apart from the fact that the colors are much brighter than what we normally see.

With the HDR configuration, the color tones are easier to differentiate and you will be able to notice how the dark colors are darker and the light or white colors are lighter or white. There are 3 improvements that are worth noting from the use of HDR and they are the following:

  • The first thing is that the colors are a little more realistic, that is, if you notice an apple in the game, you will realize that when you see a real apple, the colors do not vary much. This helps make the game feel truer.
  • The second thing is the notable improvement in the image quality of the video games, this is most noticeable in the scenes that have darkness. Normally these scenes can not clearly define the places because of the darkness and this does not happen with HDR since the dark areas are illuminated and you can see the whole environment, you can notice it much better when recording a game.
  • And finally, it is the permanence of light in landscapes. This is not lost on the horizon but you can even notice a differentiation between the sky, the sea, and the land if that is the case.

You can enjoy all these features if your television is mid-range or high-end since it is these devices that have rear lighting and local light treatment.

Without a doubt, HDR on these computers and with your Xbox is something that you will enjoy and you will not want to change after trying it, we assure you that you will even want to eliminate games that are not compatible with HDR on Xbox. action camera

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