Hi-speed Infinity Sr200cc

Hi-speed Infinity Sr200cc Specifications, Features and price in Pakistan

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The whole article focus on Hi-Speed Infinity SR 200cc bike specification and prices in Pakistan. If you want to know the information regarding SR200cc then keep reading this article to the end. I know you had many questions in your mind and I will assure you that you will get all the answers to your question after reading this article.

Hi Speed Infinity SR200cc:

There are many Hi-Speed bikes that exist in the market and people know this company by the Hi-speed name. The company has different bikes and variants that are available in the Pakistani market.

The bike is totally different from the other bikes on the basis of the shape of the bike. There is another reason that this bike has a great fuel-efficient economy and they are totally changed from other bikes. A few times back this company start selling its bike in Pakistan and most of the people purchased their bikes and used them.

Many other companies introduce their bike in Pakistan like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki but these brand are almost the same look and style with no innovation in their models. People want a new style and a new look like something different. Therefore, when they saw the Hi-speed infinity bikes most of them go and search the bikes, prices, and Specifications.  The bike’s most important thing is that its price is affordable for the consumer.

Specifications of Hi-speed Infinity Sr200cc:

Engine: The engine of the bike is Air cooled Balance Shaft

Displacement: 200cc

Transmission: There is 5-speed Transmission in this bike

Dimensions: The dimensions of the bike are 2100*875*1165 mm

Frame: There is a backbone-type frame in the bike.

Compression Ratio: The ratio of the bike is 9.25:1

Torque: A bike has 15 Nm at 6000 RPM Torque.

Horsepower: The horsepower of the bike is 11.0 HP at 7500 RPM

Bore & Stroke:  65.5*59 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: The bike has a 13.5L fuel tank capacity.

Fuel Mileage Average: The mileage average of the bike is 20 KM/L.

Fuel System: A bike has a Carburetor fuel system.

Ignition type: CDI

No of Cylinders: There is only 1 cylinder in the bike

Battery: The battery of the bike is 12V

Headlight: LED

Seat Height: Hi-speed infinity sr200cc has 720mm seat height.

Top Speed:  The bike will give you the maximum speed of 80 Km/H.

Weight: The Dry weight of the bike is 147 KG.

Ground Clearance: There is 120mm Ground clearance.

Starting: A bike has a self-start electric or simple kick feature.

Tires at the Front: The front tires are from 90-90

Back Tires: The back tires are from 130-15

Features of SR200cc:

 Stunning Colors

The company uses aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

There is an Aluminum Dual Beam in Bike.

Hi-speed Infinity SR200cc Colors in Pakistan:

The bike is available in three colors which are Red, Blue, and Black.

Infinity Sr200cc Price in Pakistan:

The price of Infinity Sr200cc is vary from 100,000 to 400,000 Rupees in Pakistan. This bike is also available in used bikes. You can also purchase from there.

Hi-speed Infinity Sr200cc competitors bike in Pakistan.

There are many competitors of this bike but according to my point of view, these few bikes are the competitor of the Hi-speed infinity sr200cc bike in the Pakistan Market.

Honda CB150F is a competitor of Hi-speed and its price is 277,500 in the market.

The Road prince Robinson 150cc bike is also a competitor of Hi-speed with a price of 270,000 Rupees in the market.

Road Prince WEGO 150cc has a price of 255,000 Rupees in the Pakistan Market.

The bike Suzuki GR150 has 307,000 Rupees in Pakistan and it’s also a competitor of Hi-speed.

What is the engine displacement of the SR200cc bike?

The bike engine displacement is 200cc.

How much fuel mileage on average this bike will give?

The bike will give a 20 Km/L fuel mileage average.

How much speed this bike will give?

The Hi-speed infinity 200cc will give you a top speed of 80 Km/h.

How much petrol capacity this bike has?

Hi-speed infinity Sr200cc has a 13.5L liter capacity.


So, I am going to wrap up the article with this conclusion. The bike has very great features and a smooth riding experience. I mention every specification, Feature, and price of this bike in the whole article. I also mention some competitors of this bike you can also look at them.

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