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Here Is Why Every Baby Deserves an Oil Massage!

by Olivia Rodriguez

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Even before conception, parents constantly seek ways to keep their unborn offspring happy, healthy, and fit. Everything is done precisely and with much care, from selecting toys and bottles to clothes and bedding. Well, the one big part of infant care that all parents should remember is oil massage. 

Giving oil massages to infants is nothing new in India, and grandmothers typically had the responsibility of doing so because babies are so delicate, and no one in the household has more incredible experience than grandmothers. Indian culture considers it unethical for a baby to go even one day without receiving a decent oil massage.

Over time, the oils we use to give massages to babies have widened. We used to rely on the farmers or the neighborhood oil brewer to provide safflower oil. However, after we left the villages, we grew reliant on bottled oil, and there is nothing wrong with that, as many of them are entirely natural and Ayurvedic.

But apart from strengthening the bones, what are the other benefits of giving oil massages to babies? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

Promotes Better Sleep

The most significant advantage of oil massage for babies is that it helps them sleep peacefully through the night, similar to adults. If you ever had a massage, you must have enjoyed the most peaceful and deep sleep that day, and the same happens with babies. For this reason, whether in the summer or the winter, babies are massaged with baby massage oil before going to bed.

Good oil massage aids in the increased melatonin production in both adults and babies and reduces the amount of cortisol produced. Because of this increase and decrease, the sleep cycle improves and waking up at night reduces. 

Strengthens Muscle 

If you have held a baby in your hands, you must have felt how fragile their muscles feel. Well, the muscles get their strength over time naturally, but oil massage can further boost this process and improve the strength of muscles in infants. But for that, you must use the best baby massage oil available. 

Besides improving muscle strength and making the baby stronger, oil massage aids in average growth and development. Visit any house with babies, and you will see them getting oil massages at least once daily. 

Helps in Building a Bond

For babies, it is an instinct to build a strong bond with their mothers since they have lived inside her for almost nine months, and that’s why they feel connected with her right from the moment they enter the world. But is it the responsibility of only mothers to build a strong bond with their children? Why not fathers?

If you are a father looking for ways to connect with your child on a whole new level and show them your love and affection, a perfect baby oil massage can be the best way to do it. The father’s touch to the baby communicates safety and relaxation, which helps build a stronger bond. 

Helps With Constipation and Gas

Just like adults, even babies suffer from gas and constipation, but since they can’t burp on their own, we take them on your shoulder and gently pat them on the back so they can burp without any hassle. But when babies fail to burp, the gas gets trapped inside, which can lead to constipation. 

Well, there might be an abundance of medicines available to treat gas and constipation in babies, but if you prefer natural treatments, you should use Ayurvedic baby massage oil and give an excellent massage to your baby. It can help release gas and discomfort. 

How To Choose the Right Baby Oil?

Merely because you saw an advertisement on TV and assumed it would be ideal for your baby doesn’t mean you should choose any random baby massage oil. When searching the internet for baby massage oil, you should look for an entirely Ayurvedic product and ensure that the oil is mild on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Oils containing coconut or almond oil can be a good choice, as both are hypoallergenic, mild, and suitable for all baby skin types. 

Wrapping Up!

Baby oil is essential to your baby’s daily care routine and shouldn’t be skipped for even a day. From helping with constipation to strengthening the muscle, there are just too many benefits of giving a perfect oil massage to babies. 

Pokonut Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is the best oil for your baby. It is an excellent massage oil because of its nutritious characteristics and pleasant touch. Additionally, it soothes any itching and discomfort while moisturizing baby skin and preventing dry skin. Please visit our website and order a pure Ayurvedic oil for your newborn.

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Extracts from the magical herbs Ashwagandha and Brahmi cure skin disorders, reduce scarring, maintain a soft and beautiful complexion, and fight skin infections while protecting your baby’s tender skin.

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