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Dental Care – How Early Should You Take Your Child to the Dentist?

by Olivia Rodriguez

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If you are confused about when I should take my child to the kids’ dentist in Roanoke? then you are not alone. It is one of the most commonly asked questions nowadays. As dental issues continue to prevail in the growing age of kids, more and more parents are concerned about this serious topic.

But thanks to highly competent doctors, cutting-edge dental technologies, and incredible clinics for advancing dental checkups and treatment for these little stars that seek the utmost care to grow in the future.

Until they become successful men/women, they will keep having to go through these extraordinary experiences. Their visits to a pediatric dentist must be scheduled promptly. And in case you want to know how early you should take your child to the dentist, this article is for you.

When should I plan my child’s first visit to the dentist?

The moment you notice a tooth erupting in your kid’s mouth, that’s the moment calling you for a visit to the kid’s dentist! You read that correctly; you should take your little champ to the dentist as soon as they reach a certain age.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), new teeth begin to sprout when a kid is 6-7 months old. But if a child’s first tooth appears too soon or lately, don’t put off scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Roanoke. Until their first birthday, keep taking them to the dentist for a consultation.

Additionally, schedule an appointment immediately if some abnormal symptoms are found that are raising your concerns. White patches, lesions, bleeding, and other symptoms, for example, require immediate attention. You can also get help from an experienced mom in your family or neighborhood. Ideally, a specific age limit is set for kids at which you must bring them to the dentist.

Bringing Children to the Dentist at Ages 1, 4, and 7

Whenever you are concerned, you should plan a visit to a toddler dentist in Roanoke with your toddler. But if you want to confirm an ideal age, these are as follows:

1. Consult your dentist at the Age of One

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents are suggested to book an appointment for a dental checkup for their kids before they celebrate their 1st birthday. The visit allows the dentist to manage the oral habits of kids, e.g., thumb and finger sucking. As previously stated, teeth usually appear around the age of six months. Therefore, dentists would prefer to conduct an early assessment of the first teeth. During the assessment, jaw, gum, and tooth health are also properly checked. If the baby is a year old or older and still has no teeth, this is cause for concern.

2. Seeing a Dentist at Age 4

By age 4, a kid’s overall oral health report can be fully classified. However, you can even bring them to the dentist at the age of 3. If your child has developed undesirable oral habits like thumb-sucking or biting their nails, they must stop them by the age of four. Additionally, during a checkup at age 4, dentists can also teach parents techniques for kicking harmful habits out of their kids’ lives. The dental visit at age 4 will also determine the further treatments and procedures to be given once the kid reaches the age of 7.

3. Seeing a Dentist at Age 7

A child’s first molars sprout at age 7. It indicates that the child is approaching adulthood. It also increases the chances of orthodontists accurately assessing a child’s teeth, predicting future dental concerns, and developing a strategy to address potential issues if they exist. If teeth are misaligned, braces can be provided. Any unwanted movement in teeth is carefully watched by the pediatrician because almost all kids’ soft teeth fall out by this age.

It’s time for your child’s first dentist’s visit: Here’s how to stay prepared

If you want to bring your toddler to a smart pediatrician who specializes in children’s dentistry, you are without a doubt a great mom or dad. But if that child is misbehaving and you’re still not convinced, try these few techniques that have always worked for most parents.

  • You can educate kids through videos and share some new experiences at the dental office.
  • It’s better to schedule your appointment with the pediatrician earlier so they don’t have to wait too long.
  • You can also tell them the cons of not visiting or explain to them how it will benefit their smile.


Once your child is convinced, you can take him or her to the best emergency kids’ dentist in Roanoke. Remember the fact that it is never too early or too late. Especially if you are a new parent who has long been cautious about your kid’s oral health, it won’t be too bad. Still, you can access peace of mind by scheduling a timely visit.

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