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Common speaker issues: how cell phone repair store Airdrie, AB can fix it

by Olivia Anderson

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Even though the speakers in the latest smartphones are robust, they may not always stand up to dust & debris. There is also the possibility that the phone speaker will stop working entirely due to a software or app glitch in the device.

Additionally, mobile phone speakers can damage due to exposure to liquid or other factors. Are you experiencing any of these issues with your mobile phone speakers? 

You don’t need to rush to the nearest phone technician when you have trouble with your phone’s speaker. This article will provide you with some quick fixes.

However, visiting the certified and experienced store is best if you can’t fit the speaker issue at home. 

Causes of speaker damage 

The common cause of mobile speaker damage is given below. You can also find some easy solutions to fix this problem at home.

  • Speakers with dirt and debris
  • Liquid damage
  • Software issues
  1. Damage due to dirt and debris

If you are unfortunate enough to have dirt or dust in your speaker, it is important to act quickly to prevent permanent damage.

  • Preventing the problem in the first place is the best way of avoiding this issue. The easiest way is with a screen protector and mobile cases on your cell phone so that no matter what you do, the dust won’t get into the speaker.
  • Remove any visible debris using a vacuum cleaner, compressed air hose, and cotton swabs. Be careful not to use anything sharp, as you can scratch the metal grille covering around your speakers.
  • You may need professional help! There are many complicated reasons why cell phones don’t play sound anymore. 
  • It’s always best practice to consult an expert in case of serious damage.
  1. Damage due to liquid

Liquid damage is one of the most common issues with mobile speakers. Water or other liquid can cause a short circuit and damage the speaker. You should immediately turn off the device and remove the battery if you notice any signs of liquid damage.

If your phone works again after spilling, you might need to change or repair your speaker. After such an accident, let your phone dry off if you have issues with your speaker.

  1. Software issues

Software issues: If the speaker hasn’t been updated in a while and you are having problems with it, it may be time to update the software on your phone. Sometimes there are glitches in programming that cause speakers to become unresponsive or change their settings on their own. The most common reason is; a defective part or component within the device itself.

Software bugs: If you have recently downloaded an app or installed a new software update on your phone, this could be causing the issue with your speaker. 

Effects of speaker damage

If your device’s speaker is damaged, it will not be able to deliver the same sound quality as a new one. It may result in low volume, muffled sound and distorted audio output.

Additionally, if your phone speakers are not working properly, then you may experience:

  • No sound from your device when you connect it to headphones or auxiliary cables/port inputs
  • The ability for your phone to automatically go into mute mode 
  • Fuzzy cracking or popping sounds coming from the speaker of the device during use
  1. Detection of a plugged-in headset even if it is not plugged in

If you face the same problem, there could be several reasons. You can check if the headset jack is damaged, loose, plugged in, or working properly. You can also ensure that the device detects that headset even when it’s not plugged in.

It will occur due to hardware issues that are very common for every electronic device, such as a phone or laptop.

  1. Automatic mute mode turns on.

Your mobile automatically turns on the mute mode. Not only that, but sometimes it also goes into silent mode or vibrates automatically. 

It might be due to an app that your mobile doesn’t support or to the cache files. Sometimes deleting unnecessary cache files can solve the problem.

  1. Mobile phone speakers stopped working

Sometimes your mobile phone speakers can stop working suddenly. It may be caused by the phone being dropped or exposed to water or heat. Cellphone repair Airdrie, AB, has experts who know how to fix this problem.

  1. Popping or crackling noises

If your speaker emits a faint crackling or popping sound, it is most likely due to dirt and debris. You can try to clean the speaker with a soft cloth. After cleaning, see if the issue persists and call the cell phone repair store in Airdrie, AB, for further assistance if needed.

Being your phone to the cell phone repair store

If you are experiencing these problems with your mobile phone, there’s a simple solution to this problem:

Bring your phone to the cell phone repair store. Tell them what’s wrong with it, and they’ll fix it for you. It’s that simple!

Get in touch with a trusted local business like The Mobile Market Airdrie Cell Phone Repair Centre. Make an appointment for an expert opinion on whatever issue you’re having. Ask hem about any other problems or concerns about your device.

 They also offer services such as:

  • Screen repairs
  • Battery replacements
  • Data recovery
  • Mac, tablet and laptop repairs. 


Hopefully, you got answers to all your questions. We understand that it can be frustrating when your device stops working as intended and you don’t know what to do about it. But we also want you to know that there are always solutions for whatever problem you may have. This article has covered some common issues with mobile phone speakers that can affect any smartphone user at any time. The best thing is knowing what those solutions are! If none of these tips helped solve your problem, then consider visiting a nearby repair shop. 

How can I repair my phone speaker at home?

If you are still experiencing problems with your mobile phone speaker after cleaning it, you should bring it to a cell phone repair store in your area to fix it!

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