12 qualities of a professional physical therapist  

by Olivia Rodriguez

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Professional physical therapists work with people to help them recover after injury or surgery. Physical therapists help people maintain or regain mobility and reduce muscle pain through treatments like stretching and strengthening exercises, manual therapy techniques, and electrical stimulation. A person must cultivate several qualities to become a successful physical therapist. Here are some essential qualities that a physical therapist must have and how you can develop them.  

Be realistic  

Chronic musculoskeletal disorders are difficult to treat, whereas Parkinson’s disease is not curable. It is significant for physical therapists and patients that he must remain realistic about patient outcomes. You must not encourage or create unrealistic expectations in patients.  

Be patient  

Outcomes of physical therapists take time to show up. So, it is significant for physical therapists and patients to remain patient during treatment. Physical therapists must stay calm and collect complete data while challenging patients. Treatment depends not only on the patient’s condition but also on their physical capacity, level of motivation, and much more.  

Be collaborative  

Professional physical therapists recognize that collaboration is the key to better outcomes, even operating in a virtual environment. You must consider your patient as your team with the same goal for physical therapy treatment.  
You must encourage an open dialogue reflecting the feedback from your peers and patients. You must create a collaborative mindset about working with people from other healthcare disciplines. Working as a team with people from other healthcare disciplines is an efficient way to learn, grow and develop better interpersonal. Collaboration helps in patient satisfaction as well.  

Be determined  

You must prepare for challenging cases and remain motivated when something does not happen according to your will. You must keep yourself, and your patient motivated even if the patient is about to give up. You must stay focused on the process, keep working, and remain determined until they heal completely.  

Be resilient  

Professional physical therapists must be resilient because their job needs to be more straight. The patients may experience ups and downs during the process of physical therapy. A resilient physical therapist adapts and responds positively to adversity and change.  

Be compassionate  

You must be compassionate while working in the healthcare sector. Patients are anxious about their treatment process. So, it is significant to have good manners and empathy while dealing with difficult cases. Make your patients feel comfortable with your way of working.  
Your aim must be the comprehensive well-being of your patients and communicate this to the patients as well.  

Be knowledgeable  

People with multiple conditions, from joint injury to neurological conditions, usually approach physical therapists. So, A physical therapist must have a wide range of knowledge. You can subspecialize in a particular field like geriatric or other. Professional physical therapist constantly evaluates and stay up-to-date on advancements in their fields.  


It is significant to be honest and open with the patient; you must do what you say. Integrity is a vital element in developing a better relationship built on trust. An excellent physical therapist demonstrates professionalism by having strong ethical principles, including patients’ privacy and acting in the patient’s best interest.  

Be respectful  

An excellent physical therapist respects the patients’ wishes. Regardless of your choice and decision, your patient is the one who determines or not the treatment. You can offer professional opinions, but you must respect your patient’s opinion. In your practice, you must treat patients of all body types and ages and give them equal respect for every occupation.  

Be communicative  

Before developing a treatment plan, evaluate the symptoms and their current fitness level. It is a requirement of your role to communicate well with your patient about the care plan. The physical therapist aims to educate patients with them in proper language and explore patients’ needs.  

Be astute  

Pay close attention to the details that help detect changes in a patient’s ability to change and adopt a treatment. Different patients respond differently to the same condition. Observing the patient’s progress closely and adjusting your care plan accordingly is important.  

Be positive  

Remember that you are working with people who are emotionally and physically suffering. Being a physical therapist, you must have the capacity to remain positive, open-minded, and upbeat. Learn to convert your negative thoughts into positive ones.  
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Work on developing professional physical therapists’ best qualities to succeed in this field. If you want to help people in regaining mobility and improve life quality, and you are a compassionate and positive person who can communicate well. The profession of physical therapy is best for you 

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