What to keep in mind while buying a new car in the UAE

What to keep in mind while buying a new car in the UAE?

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Buying a new car in UAE takes work. With hundreds of brands to choose from and thousands of vehicles popping up for sale daily, there are a lot of car options to choose from and some fantastic deals out there. 

Facebook research reveals that most people only consider three brands to begin with; it can be hard to know whether or not you’re making the correct decision. The used car market is a prominent place to look if you want to get the most benefits for your purchase, but there are several uncertainties and catches which can be challenging to handle.

The best way to avoid the uncertainties of the used car market is to buy new cars in Dubai – but how affordable is it, and what about depreciation?

Read on to discover our tips that you should keep in mind while purchase a new car in the UAE.


Before sealing the deal, research the vehicle or vehicles you are considering buying.

Decide on what’s most important to you – are you looking for the height and protection of a large SUV? Or perhaps the amenity and class of a luxury sedan?

Deciding precisely what you want your next car to have when buying a new car in the UAE allows you to start defining your choices.

What to research before heading to market;

  • Reliability
  • Known problems
  • Overall Value
  • Is it the perfect car for you and your family

Before stepping out of your home, you should take your time and don’t rush into an acquisition even if it screams “FANTASTIC DEAL, CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, DON’T LET IT GO!” as you could face problems further down the line.

Look Around

You may have found the perfect car, but you should still look around and find other potential purchases. Always look for an alternative or two if you see something you want to change about your first choice.

Reliability and the value that the car you want will add to you and your family. Wait to close the deal before you are sure whether the vehicle is the right one you need for your or your family or your needs.

Get your finances in order

Before looking for a car, ask yourself, “can I afford this car?” Buying a vehicle is not a small purchase!

Several online sites give you a finance calculator that you can use to evaluate how much your new car will cost over a certain amount of years.

A lot of new car purchases these days are made on finance. With low-interest rates, this can be an excellent way of leveling up to the perfect car for your lifestyle.

Knowing what to expect before beginning the finance process can help ensure you give yourself the best chance of approval.

Get a feel

Just because a car matches your needs doesn’t mean you will be happy with it.

Once you have narrowed your search book, a test drive is essential to experience the car in the metal.

Most people will decide quickly once they sit in a car whether it’s right for them.

Sit inside, adjust the seat, and think about how you will use the car daily. Are the cup holders big enough? Does it have handy cargo compartments? How’s the visibility from your driving seat?

Check out other attributes. Are they in the right place? Do they all make sense? And most significantly, does it have what you want?

If you’re buying a new car for your family, ensure that your family feels comfortable in it and won’t outgrow it in months.


Haggling is customary when buying a car in the UAE.

Feel free to haggle. Just wait to offer the seller half of what they demand. With new car sales in a recession, dealerships are eager to sell as many new cars in UAE as possible.

Always ask what kind of deal the company can offer you to buy one of their cars instead of the competition. Ask them about any current car promotions if you’re buying from a dealership. They may not be able to reduce the price, but they can through possible freebies, including warranty plans and even deferred payments adding value to buying a car.

Moreover, suppose they may not be able to take any money off the cost of the car. In that case, they can throw in extras such as extended servicing packages, free window tinting, or other products that add value to your purchase.

The dealership may offer you the option of either a cash discount or an extended servicing package. Be bold and ask for the value of the servicing package and details of the servicing schedule so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re uncomfortable negotiating, take a friend or family member keen to negotiate. Ensure to ask if they are expecting any sales or promotions to begin shortly or if they are selling any previous year’s models at a discount.


As we mentioned earlier, you should always consider depreciation when buying a car. As soon as people purchase new cars in Dubai and drive a few hundred km on the roads, the value of the vehicle drops.

Generally, a vehicle that costs less to buy will depreciate slower than more expensive rides.

Here is a list of cars by famous brands with slower depreciation in the UAE;

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Ford

Cars that do not deprecate but are relatively expensive, even when new. These tend to be hypercars, enthusiasts, and vehicles with short or capped production runs.

Running costs

Petrol is still relatively cheap in Dubai compared to other cities, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a 5.7-liter V8 SUV. Remember that filling up is a weekly happening and can add up.

Service and Maintenance are also something to keep a note of. For popular cars in the UAE, maintenance prices are lower than others due to parts of the car body being easier to find. But they can add up the overall cost even if they are cheap.

European cars in Dubai tend to be more costly to maintain, followed by American cars. Whereas Japanese, Korean and Chinese are the cheapest options. Oil changes, tyre rotation, wheel balance, a/c repair, and tyre changing are all services that need to be addressed during car ownership.

Once you have carefully understood these tips to remember while buying new cars in UAE, you are all set for your next vehicle. Always remember that money is the most crucial element in this purchase; try to save as much as you. 

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