Vuori and Lululemon face off in the Battle of the Joggers.

by ghisellerousso

If you are currently wearing pyjamas or other loungewear the bulk of the time, raise your hand. Me too. To be quite honest, all I really want to wear just currently are a pair of elastic, comfy jeans that are a step up from my jammies. The way things are going in life right now is chaotic, and dressing in loungewear is like letting ladies see through your clothes.

Lululemon vs. Best Joggers

Back in May, when I reviewed many other pairs of joggers, the Lululemon Align Joggers were, without a doubt, my favourite pair. I remarked that they were quite comfortable, made of a soft fabric, and had a little stretch to them—everything I needed in a pair of vuori joggers for women.

Their Lunar Pants’ Fabric Completely Won Me Over

The fabric of their Lunar Pants utterly won me over again and made me want to buy anything vuori jogging women makes, even though they weren’t yet for sale when the article was published. I therefore ordered the joggers as soon as I saw that they were once more available. The challenging question is now: which of these two pairs do I prefer? Find out now

Medium Vuori Halo Performance Joggers

lululemon align joggers (right) and vuori halo performance joggers (right). lululemon align joggers | vuori performance joggers (10). medium-sized vuori joggers for ladies.

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These pants arrived in Marquette only two days after I ordered them, which is unheard of considering that I did not pay more for expedited shipping.

The Pants You Won’t Want To Remove

The commercial for these joggers states that they surely live up to its claim of being “the trousers you’ll never want to take off.” You guys, they are SO good. They have what is referred to as a “slim yet relaxed fit,” which essentially means that they are not baggy or excessive. They are neither huge nor skin-tight like leggings.

One of the features I like the most is the waistband.

Even though they don’t seem cropped on me, you can look at the image of the vuori joggers women to see how they look on a taller model. One of my favourite features of the product is the waistline because it can be worn up high with the drawstring cord knotted tighter or lower without causing a muffin top in either position. This is because the waistband is neither too constricting nor overly tight (which was a concern of mine). The great majority of joggers are not versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways. The fabric is very stretchy, wicks away moisture, and can be washed and dried (I have without experiencing any issues with pilling or shrinking on multiple occasions).

Vuori Halo Performance Joggers for loungewear

Vuori women’s jogging loungewear and an Essential Hoodie (SIZE MEDIUM). I made the decision to try the hoodie as well because I liked the fabric so much. The fact that these two things are made of the same obscenely comfortable, stretchy fabric makes me appreciate them together. Even though I don’t travel much anymore, we did go to a hotel so the kids could swim, which made packing a snap.

Over My Suit, Please

It’s such a simple suit that works well for both travelling and unwinding. Even though I don’t travel frequently these days, this made packing a breeze. Over my suit, my sleepwear, and the clothes I was wearing when I went out to eat, I wore it as a cover-up. There’s a good chance that if you live in Marquette and run into me while I’m out and about, I’ll be wearing this one.

Size Small Vuori Halo Performance Joggers

I am a size 6/28, so I struggled to choose between a medium (8-10 on their sizing chart) and a small. As a result, I ordered both (4-6). I attribute the size of my booty to the small being a touch too small. The pull from behind made the vuori joggers ladies waist look less flattering than it otherwise would have, but they were still really comfortable and the waist wasn’t unduly snug.

The Distinction Between Sizes

You should certainly size up if you’re in between sizes or have larger hips and a booty. The good news is that even if they are just a little bit too small for you on vuori promo code, they will still be really comfortable thanks to the forgiving waistline.

Set 2 of Hanro Camis Loungewear

Women’s Vuori Halo Performance Joggers and the Essential Hoodie | Hanro Cami Loungewear Set 2: (SIZE SMALL). Although the cut of this hoodie is nearly identical to the one I adore, I think I might love the fit of this one a little bit more. Both are made of lightweight, elastic material that completely eliminates any sense of constraint and makes them quite comfortable.

Joggers by Lululemon Align

A medium in the joggers and an xs in the hoodie, which correspond to the shape that my body is in, would, in my opinion, be the very best sizes for me. I’m actually sitting here and examining the fabrics of both the women’s vuori and Lululemon joggers.
I’ve been trying to decide whether pair of joggers is more comfy, but I have to say that they are both equally comfortable.

20% Lycra and 80% Nylon

These are made of “buttery-soft” NuluTM Fabric, which contains 20% lycra® elastane and 80% nylon. It features a 4-way range of motion, is lightweight, and effectively wicks sweat. Despite being constructed of 89% polyester and 11% elastane, the Vuori joggers are comfortable.

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