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Viking Hairstyles: A Complete Guide About Top 12 Best Viking Hairstyles Women In Detail

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Viking Hairstyles

Would you like to go back in time? Get ready for these breathtaking Viking hairstyles fit for a maiden amid a battle by brushing up on your Norse mythology. While the Vikings sailed long ago, they are still alive in today’s pop culture. You don’t have to look any further than Marvel’s Thor, a contemporary recreation of a Norse god, or the historical drama series Vikings. Furthermore, Viking-inspired styles have always been a staple of fantasy novels.

There’s a reason the romanticized version of Vikings has stuck around, especially regarding hairstyles. Of course, the “Viking” we think of today isn’t entirely accurate, but there are reasons the romanticized version has endured. Many stylists have combined traditional Viking hairstyles with modern techniques to create unique hairstyles.

Viking hairstyles are hairstyles that have been depicted as being worn by the Vikings of Scandinavia. It is recorded that Viking women wore their hair long and often braided, and those records served as the basis for these styles. We have no idea exactly what their hair looked like, but thanks to a lot of Viking-centric media, we have established an aesthetic that is here to stay. These looks may not be entirely accurate, but they certainly channel the Viking spirit.

What shade of hair had the majority of Vikings?

Genetic research indicates that red hair predominated among the Vikings who arrived in West Scandinavia as well as ultimately in Denmark. However, white hair was more common in North Scandinavia, especially in the Stockholm region.

12 Best Viking Hairstyles Women

In this guide, we will show you 12 unique Viking hairstyles that will allow you to channel your inner warrior. You can grab some Norse-style inspiration from our style guide if you need it. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Braids for Shield Maidens.

The ideal female Viking hairstyle combines several braids to create an intricate appearance. These plaits look impressive, from the large braid at the crown of the head to the smaller braids wrapped around the head. A great example of the old-meets-new style, encapsulating the classic Viking look.

2. Decorative braids.

This similar look uses braid decorations to add an extra touch of style. The plaits are decorated with barrel-style beads that cross the braids for a lattice-like effect on the sides of the head. In addition, there are some other beads placed throughout the hair to accentuate some of the smaller braids.

3. The Torvi braid.

Torvi’s hairstyle inspired this detailed look in the popular series Vikings. This style offers an array of beaded braids and a sizeable central braid that cascades into a cascade. The detail is incredible, and while this will take some time to achieve, the result is worth the effort.

4. The Viking Fishtail.

The fishtail braid is a popular braid style, and it looks excellent with Viking hairstyles even though it is usually associated with contemporary styles. The large braid adds drama, and the abundance of beads solidifies the Viking theme. Despite how complicated it looks, just a few simple braids are coming together.

5. The Freydis wave.

Another style that takes inspiration from Vikings. We’re taking our inspiration this time around from the character Freydis, whose hair is often long and wavy. Gray-blonde hair is an integral part of this style, as it’s the most common hair color associated with Viking women. It’s a great option if you want a Viking-inspired hairstyle you can wear every day.

6. The Viking Mohawk.

Vikings likely would have looked like this if they had worn mohawks. It has a lot of volume in the middle and creates a mohawk-like outline that extends to the back of the head. As well as the side braids, there are a lot of beads and decorations.

7. Viking with two tones.

This is an excellent way to combine the Viking look with a contemporary style. Large pull-through braids adorn the two-toned hair, creating a bold effect that showcases both colors. Black is visible on the top of the hair, but the long braids are almost entirely brown.

8. Weave braids.

Sometimes it’s necessary to pull out all the stops. The crazy detailed hairstyle spares no expense with its many eye-catching features. Numerous jewels and beads adorn the braids, making them nothing short of extravagant. In case that wasn’t enough, those smaller braids flow into a large braid that can be worn to one side for some asymmetry.

9. The Viking Volumize.

Based on the styles we’ve studied so far, Viking women were known for having a lot of hair. The longer the hair, the more attractive it is.

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Viking hairstyles are not uncommon to have more volume, however. It has both–there is a lot of sheer length in this hairstyle, but there is also a lot of importance, allowing the hair to spread out.

10. Braid multiple times.

Don’t you think you’ve had enough braids? Check out this multi-braid style that features tiny fishtail braids to humongous pull-throughs. The Viking braided hairstyle has the typical structure, but the braid types are more varied, which gives it its unique style.

11. Lagertha braids.

Here’s another style that Vikings inspire. Based on the warrior Lagertha, this hairstyle features numerous small plaits bunched together at the top of the head to form a braided quiff. The gold decorations on the side give this already fierce look an extra dose of Viking style.

12. The Viking look.

This Viking style has flowing locks that look both confident and elegant. A large braid is almost camouflaged between long strands of hair that drapes past the shoulders, while small braids are trailing from the sides. Here, the braids are a nice variety of sizes to create a sense of depth and to create different textures.


The modern man bun is part of a much older and more historical hairstyle genre than most men realize. The range of styles and rugged appearance of Viking hairstyles has led to a significant resurgence in modern times.

Despite not being aware of it, many men are rocking Viking hairstyles. Whether it’s a man bun, long flowing locks, or braids, classic Viking styles cover all of these styles. Despite short hair’s reputation for being more professional or elegant, long hair is not going out of style soon.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How did Viking women wear their hair?

Viking women wore their hair long as a sign of their status and appreciated for its beauty. To keep their hair out of their way while looming or performing other daily tasks, these hard-working women tied their hair back, braided it, or wore it up.

  • Do you know what the Viking haircut is called? 

It’s a modern haircut that can be added to any traditional Viking look for a cool twist. Shaved sides combined with a braided ponytail can create a trendy Nordic look. For guys who are into the bad boy look, the mohawk can be a daring style.

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