The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Beanie for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Beanie for Men

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Did any of you realize wearing a beanie correctly actually matters?

Before any of you buy beanie caps, you must know the basic guidelines for wearing them. 

A “beanie” refers to a small close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head. There are several ways and techniques of carrying a beanie.

You can choose to be stylish when using a beanie with different outfits. If wearing a beanie is your style, then you have to know all about beanies (and different ways of styling them).

Some different ways of wearing A “Beanie” are as follows:

The Classic Protective Look

This one is a simple technique and method. It is most suitable for keeping you warm. This method involves covering your hair. 

Also, by doing so, you inevitably cover your ears, which helps you feel less cold. The front should rest just above your eyebrows. This Classic Protective look helps you avoid catching colds and saves you from influenza or infections. 

The Isolated Cuff Look

Don’t want people to see your messy hair? Then this style is for you!
The Isolated Cuff is where your hair may not be in its best appearance, but you manage it by wearing a beanie.

Now pull that beanie over your head, resting halfway down over your ears. The Isolated Cuff look works best when you need to attend a meeting at work especially when your hair is not at its best.

The Modish Look

The Modish look is a classic fisherman look.

Roll or cuff the beanie twice, and wear it at the top of your head. You can wear it forward or back, depending on whether you want your hair to show from underneath.

The Skyscraping Look

The Skyscraping look is cool. You have to wear the beanie at the highest point from the top of your head.

Let it rest above your ears while keeping it vertical and well-rounded throughout. This will suit you when you don’t need to care too much about the cold.

The Heroic Look

The Heroic Look is the fifth amazing way of carrying a beanie. While feeling inventive, leave the beanie uncuffed in the front and cuff it once at the back. 

The cuff should form an angle that starts and stops at either ear.

The Decent and Simple Look

Wear the beanie as far back as possible, letting the extra fabric slouch at the rear. Cover your ears and allow some hair to be displayed from the front.

The following are a few advantages of wearing beanies:

Advantages of Yarn Beanies

  • Naturally airtight
  • Naturally quick drying
  • Extremely insulating
  • Long-lasting and high-functioning
  • Penetrable
  • Impressively soft and itch-free

Advantages of Acrylic & Synthetic Beanies

  • Made from synthetic fibers
  • Resistant to being penetrable.
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Less likely to crease.
  • Lightweight and quick-drying

Advantages of Cotton Beanies

  • Exceedingly penetrable.
  • Keeps you cooler by wicking moisture
  • Doesn’t retain odor like oil-based fabrics (Synthetics like acrylic, polyester, nylon, and spandex)
  • Requires less washing
  • Long lasting
  • Less likely to become saggy or stretch out
    Soft and itch-free

Popular Beanie Characteristics and Constructions

While purchasing a beanie, you should know its proper characteristics and construction. 

You should have complete knowledge of the characteristics of a beanie, and then you should go ahead for purchasing it. Characteristics, constructions, and away of styling should be well-known.

The Capricious Beanies

The Capricious Beanies can be turned inside out and can be worn the same way.

The Chaffed Beanies

The Chaffed beanies have visible vertical stripes from the knitting process.

The Voluminous Beanies

The Voluminous Beanies contain a thick yarn and size, and the knit patterns are also noticeable.

The Double Ruffled

Double Ruffled beanies are made by combining two separately knitted fabrics. As a result, they are twice as thick as ‘normal’ knit hats and extra warm.

Cable Knit beanies 

Cable knit beanies are created by a knitting technique that crosses the vertical stripes over each other for a braided pattern.

Wearing A Beanie with Long Hair and Short Hair

Just like how wearing A beanie has got different techniques and styles, in the same way, wearing beanies with long hair and short How to wear a beanie on short hair has got different ways of styling them.

Let’s learn some ways and smart tricks to style a beanie perfectly and look classy simultaneously.

How to wear A beanie on long hair

Guys with long hair can go for a cuffless beanie and have to wear it high on their heads. Showing your hair from the front will make it look classier.

Wearing A beanie on short hair

Droopy beanies are the best for short hair. Droopy beanies perfectly match men with short hair.

Men with short hair often need help understanding how to style a beanie with short hair. There are many tricks for that. Carrying it in a way that looks impressive depends on the person.

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There is little doubt about the purpose beanies serve. Apart from that, they are a fashion statement, and in the right season, you can enjoy warmth and style. Before you buy beanie caps, do explore our beanies at TAF and take a look at the range of fashionable products that will go along with them all under one roof.

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