Is Disability Covered Under Health Insurance?

by James Carter

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Jawad Ali

Although disability can be of a permanent or of temporary nature depending on the state in which one is. Health insurances do cover the disability under it but again it varies from company to company. A disability is a related medical health condition because the life of a disabled individual is affected but it is not covered in the policies of many insurance companies. 

Being relatively a new concept it is evolving over the period of time and a distinction between medical insurance and disability insurance is being made. But, the confusion still remains the same whether disability comes under medical insurance or not?

The whole concept is individualistic in nature as few insurance companies have realized this concept and few of them haven’t. First of all let us first get to know the difference between health insurance and disability  – health insurance covers all the hospitalization expenses with that it also covers all the expenses such as pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and other medical expenses such as treatment, the operation to medication expenses and even ambulance service cost is covered under it. 

Health insurance policies tend to provide coverage against different kinds of ailments. Whereas disability is not only a medical condition but if looked at broadly is the inability to do work or difficulty in conducting basic day-to-day activities. 

A disabled individual might be in a permanent or short term disability condition where he/she might or not might require medication or treatment as per his medical conditions so in such cases where the disabled individual is not dependent on any medication or medical treatment here health insurance will not cover the insurance of a disable. To understand it further the condition of disability is broadly classified into 

1) short term disability, 2) long term disability, 3) permanent disability.

All types of disabilities are not covered under health insurance. Only if the disability requires medical assistance, treatment and medication then only disability will be included in health insurance. With this not all health insurance companies include disability in their insurance plans.

For disability, there are whole different sets of insurance companies that deal with the problems associated with disability. The disability insurance companies provide insurance for all different kinds and types of disabilities. These companies keep the problems associated with disability in mind so the insurance policy is not limited to only medical conditions but also the financial issues are resolved through the help of disability insurance policies. In health insurance, only medical expenses are covered whereas in disability insurance all the monthly expenses can be fulfilled including paying bills for medical, personal, and family expenses.

If an individual suffers from disorders that don’t affect the mobility of the body, then you can easily avail of the insurance plan.

Although yes disability is a medical condition but no, not always it is included in health insurance. Health insurance has a limited influence over disabled life but at the same time, the role of disability insurance is seen in a broader sense as its definition and conditions are more broadly defined than the health insurance policies.

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