How To Write Enticing Return Policy For Your Business

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Functioning of any business without having specific and determined policies is difficult. Startups struggling to get on the top also ponder on having policies to ensure everything works under the rules. However, when dealing with products, businesses must develop a return policy. Business is a journey of inconveniences and success; from customers praising your work to people criticizing your business, you will encounter everyone on the journey. However, having customer service that deals with problems professionally is the need of everyone’s business. 

Customer service is how you deal with the queries and react to their feedback; it is also about your relationship with your customers. Sustenance of healthy communication majorly lies in the policies of your business. Return policy is one of the significant codes of conduct that allows every business to deal with customers at the moment of inconvenience. Whether dealing in wholesale t-shirts bulk supplier or having a long-standing business in cosmetics, you need to have a return policy that incorporates all the aspects that makes it enticing for customers. 


Every business has a contract with their customer to specify the terms and conditions when buying things from you. A return policy is a contract between the customers and the business defining the rules. 

A return policy is enticing when it has answers to all the queries of its customers. It needs to be simple but should be detailed enough to make a difference. However, some of the important aspects it needs to cater to are as follows: 

  • Products that cannot be returned or exchanged. 
  • Numbers of days until consumers can exchange any product. 
  • The condition of the item that the customer needs to get exchanged or returned. 
  • Steps on how the entire product will work. 
  • How will the business refund the customers? 

These are just a few elements that need your attention when composing all the elements to write a return policy. Your policy needs to be self-explanatory, creating less confusion for your readers. Keeping it simple will help your customers get in touch with you by knowing all the terms and conditions and will avoid inconvenience at the last moment. A comprehensive and easy-to-read policy is the key to better customer support. 


It might seem simple when writing a return policy to add every point and make it simple. However, it isn’t. It demands you to focus on every aspect because your functioning will majorly depend on your policy. Be wise in creating one. 

Keep the attitude right.

Having a policy that depicts your customers as the ones causing you the loss is not the right way of composing a return policy. Your consumers are more likely to view your truth policy before making any purchase, eventually giving them the initial idea of your business. Keeping it beneficial for customers is important, but keep it financially strategic for your business. 

Link it wherever possible 

Designing a new page for your return policy is a good and professional move. Your readers can find it browsing. However, you need to work on making it more visible to the audience. Keep the placement of your return policy more by adding them on the product page or footer of your website. Making it more accessible for people will help them not miss out on it. 

Answer your customers 

Having a business would definitely have made you understand your market and audience. Working in a wholesale t-shirts bulk supplier market, you would know the basics of the sector. It will eventually help you understand the potential questions of your customers. Your return policy should answer all the questions in a detailed manner. Be specific in defining the entire process to simplify it for your customers. 

Be conversational 

your policy must not sound like strict conduct to follow. Make it easy on your customers to make sure that you are communicating with them. Make it friendly for your customers to make them dig more into your offerings. Your tone must be favorable to your customers. It will help them build a connection with you, increasing your profits and sales

Make it clear 

Your word selection in return policy is important because how you mention your policies will make the other processes easier. It is impossible for you to communicate with every single customer, but your policies are a great medium. Be specific and clear in each phrase for a smooth workflow. 


Your business is laid on the foundation, and sustaining it is important. Your policies are a way to have a transparent medium for communication and an ideal way to entice your customers. Work on composing policies with all the aspects required for the ideal return policy. 

Deliver all the terms with your policies. 

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