How to Make Customer Service Effective in the Digital Age

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Digital age is the age of information revolutionizing the way we experience most and all aspects of our lives. Today all information that modern technology has to offer has come down to our fingertips, and in our pockets.

There are more than 4.4 billion internet users worldwide, and this number is only growing by the day. This essentially means more than half of the world’s population is online, and is interacting with businesses daily.

How brands used to handle customer service – has now changed completely as the world is ushered to the digital age. According to research, customer services and relationships have effectively become every business’s competitive differentiator. This implies every company’s customer service strategy is important for its success.

With Newsjoury let’s explore some important factors for adapting to customer services of the digital world;

1.     Keeping Customers in the Know

Without a doubt this is what age of information requires the most – information. Customers of today want to know everything, and that too at all times. This means businesses are in need to effectively anticipate and offer every detail to a customer. Below are some strategies for accomplishing just that daunting goal;

Offer an FAQs Section

Customers want information – however it is up to businesses to anticipate how they want this information.

Most customers want to find the information on their own, according to research more than 40 percent of customers preferred self-services as opposed to human interaction, if given an option. For instance, If a customer is buying a laptop or a desktop from you, make sure to enlist all related queries right on the product page.

It is highly important for any brand to have frequently asked questions on their websites – a page that provides instant answers of the common queries.

Share Shipping and Delivery Information page.

When a purchase is made, the customers want to get in on the action – they want to know where their package is, and when it is scheduled to arrive, that too right down to the time of day. It is important to offer tracking details for any and every shipment, in addition to text or email updates about location of an order.

Share Offers, Deals, and Product Emails

Customers of the digital world want to feel like they are in on the business secrets.

It is important to communicate when the new products are offered, when your business is offering a sale on the sleek new gaming laptops, motherboards or any other product, and when special offers on the services and products they like are being offered. In the modern business arena, every business must have an email list, and send out updates regularly.

2. Relationship management and Personalized Experiences

CRM or the customer relationship management technology is one of the crucial parts of a winning customer service strategy. It is believed that to seize unique opportunities the business must be able to work with and differentiate customer relationships. Businesses should also recognize the important role of customer services, which it plays in the overall progress and building of sustainable, long term, and personalized relationships – with each and every customer.

Brands use different modes of information gathered by technologies like CRM, and then move on to customize it for enhancing customer experience. From personalized alerts of new products and offers, to sending greeting or birthday cards – each user will feel special. Thus, a relationship will build feelings of positive opinions and loyalty of a brand.

3.     Customer Queries Chatbots

What are the must haves of a business;

  • 800 numbers
  • help@ YourBrandName
  • support@YourBrandName

Email addresses are the up-to-date staples of the modern customer services industry. Still today, the chatbots are making the once-modern technologies, outdated.


Customers of today do not want to wait and don’t have time to hold on for hours and receive a response email days later. Customers nowadays want instant gratification. This is where chatbots are lifesavers, they are automated, text based, and online technology letting customers get answers to concerns, questions and complaints instantly.

The chatbots offer swift, and accurate answers to the common customer queries, and these are able to remarkably mimic human conversation. All of this can be done with the need for a user to deal with a human. Not only are chatbots fast, and easy for new users, but they are also a cheaper alternative for the businesses employing them.

4. Human Touch

Social media also holds tremendous value in the business world.

It lets customers directly and effectively engage with brands and companies. This is why your customer service resources for social media (both technological and conventional) must use everyday language while communicating, instead of the cold, scripted corporate responses.

How to Make Customer Service Effective in the Digital Age?

Customer services are the most influential and biggest part of any brand’s success. To make it clearer, it is observed that more than 70 percent of a buying experience stems from customer service experience. Businesses that are adaptable and open to the ever-changing and volatile landscape of customer services, enjoy the best chance at long term success.

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