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Every week there is rise in the nail art connoisseurs’ in Delhi NCR. Women today are getting increasingly aware of different trends and techniques of nail art. At Ka-ras extensions they suggest the best course of action for every hand but seldom are we pleasingly surprised as our clients request a particular technique on their hands. Of course we cater their every fancy and deliver them just the work they desire. Today in this article we will discuss several techniques which were requested and delivered by Ka-ras extensions last year.

Nail Art Techniques

  1. Nail Art with a brush

This is one of the most often utilised strategies at Karas Extensions. There is not just one kind of brush in use; rather, there are several. You will be able to create flawless nail art with the various sizes and shapes. There are many different kinds of brushes, such as flat, line, angled, detail, and dotted ones. The brushes are almost often made of synthetic material. The nail artist at Ka-Ras extensions will be able to draw or paint on the different components with the help of the template that was chosen. It does not call for a significant amount of instruction and is rather straightforward to carry out afterward. You are able to create some truly stunning works of art on your nails.

  1. Sponge technique

If you want to create a design with a gradient or an achromatic effect, then you should use this type of technique. It is possible to use any sort of sponge, but the choice you choose should mostly be based on the pattern you wish to create. In order for this method to be successful, the first step is to typically apply and let a base coat to dry. After that, the nail paint is applied to the nails using a sponge that has been dipped in it. The amount of pressure that is applied to the nail when the sponge is being pressed onto it, as well as the manner in which the sponge is positioned, are both determined by the design. Because this method almost always results in a little bit of a mess, we shall tidy up the edges. The nail technician at Ka-Ras extensions will next apply a top coat to complete the look once this step has been completed.

  1. Nail stamping

This is the perfect nail art for you if you want to look chic with your nails! This is a well-known method in which the picture of your selection is printed onto your fingernails or toenails. A stamper will be used to apply the desired design to the nails once it has been set on an image plate, which will then be picked up by the stamper. When compared to other methods, this one isn’t quite as simple to perfect and requires a little bit more work on our part! However, the results can be seen immediately and are stunning. It is a simple and rapid process. If you want design nail art in the colour green, or any other colour for such a matter, the possibilities for the layouts that you may achieve are virtually unlimited! Not only can you have fun with the patterns that are stamped, but you can also have fun with the hues that go beneath them!

  1. Nail taping

This is another straightforward method for creating fashionable nail polish. First, a foundation coat will be added to the nails. Following this, tape will be cut into pieces and put on the nails. The positioning of tape will show where the base colour should be applied. The length and thickness of the tape are determined by the desired design. To avoid air bubbles and irregularities, the tape is often pushed down lightly. Following this, your preferred nail polish will be applied. After the nail art has dried completely, Ka-ras extensions will remove the tape carefully to display the completed design.

  1. Stencil Technique

Using the stencil technique, which seems done to a dry layer of nail polish, the backdrop or principal image of the artwork is formed. Similar to tape, the stencil is firmly pressed to the nails. A selection of nail paint colours are applied to each nail. Because once stencil is discarded and the nail polish is allowed to dry, the design stays on top of the nail polish.

  1. Water marble nail art

This is unquestionably excellent nail art! This nail art technique utilises water. The nail veneers are put in a pattern on the water’s surface before being submerged. This approach is frequently utilised today since it may be used to generate a variety of designs.


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