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Difference Between Vintage And Retro Clothing

by ghisellerousso

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You must have heard about the terms “retro clothing” and “vintage clothing”. In fact you must have outfits that are either in vintage style or in the retro style. But do you know the difference between retro clothing (retro clothing UK) and vintage clothing? Many people misunderstand the fact that retro and vintage clothing are the same thing and use the terms interchangeably. However, this is not the case actually. Both the outfits are different and hence are named either vintage or retro. Before you go shopping for wholesale vintage clothing or retro dresses (retro dresses UK), make sure that you know the exact meaning, definition and differences between both outfits.

This article will focus on the difference between vintage and retro clothing. There are many online stores in the UK, such as Jordash Clothing, that are famous for selling different styles and designs of wholesale vintage clothing and retro clothing. No matter whichever clothing you choose for, always remember that they both have some similarities but not all. If they were similar, they would have been given the same name, not the different ones. Both the outfits have their own charm and both make you look elegant, sophisticated and alluring.

Let us now have a look at the vintage clothing and retro clothing one by one.

Vintage Clothing

We are all aware of this term. The term is not something new to us. But what exactly is vintage clothing? Is it a second-hand garment? No, it is not the case. Anything that is vintage is either 20 years old or between 20-100 years old. In short, vintage clothing are those garments that are 20 to 100 years old. Which garments are considered vintage clothing? Garments that are of early 2000s, particularly between 2000-2002 and the garments that people used to wear between 1922-1990’s are vintage garments. Basically, depending upon the age of the garment, it is either considered vintage, retro or antique. So, if an outfit is manufactured in the year 2022 with vintage style, then it won’t be considered as a vintage outfit, because it is neither 20 years old, nor 100 years old. If you come across an outfit that was manufactured in the 1920’s or between 1920’s-1990’s, you can consider that outfit to be a vintage one. Basically the term has been derived from the French ward “vendage”, meaning “grapes picked up during a season”. The term was earlier associated with old. Today it is associated with everything that is 20-100 years old. Today the fashion market comes with a lot of wholesale vintage clothing.

Different decades had different styles of vintage clothing. For instance, the vintage outfits in the 50’s were designed for an everyday look, the 60’s was all about casual and elegant dresses, whereas in the 70’s, most of the outfits were available in bright colours and the 80’s was all about denim look. Today these clothes may have become vintage, yet they are not outdated and still trendy.

Retro Clothing

Now that we are aware of vintage clothing, what exactly is retro clothing (retro clothing UK)? Retro clothing is something that imitates the vintage style. In other words, if a modern outfit comes with a vintage style and design, it is called a retro outfit. So, if an outfit is manufactured in the current year that is 2022 or is going to be manufactured in 2023 or in the upcoming years with a vintage style, it is called a retro outfit. Many outfits such as dungarees, jumpsuits, floral print dresses, polka dots outfits, bell bottom pants and so on are some of the retro outfits that are seen in the contemporary era. These are some of the outfits that were famous in the 70’s, 80’s or the 90’s. They are manufactured today in vintage style. So, these outfits are retro, not vintage. You will find different types of wholesale retro clothing both online and in different garment stores.

Summing Up

So, we can conclude that the difference between vintage clothing and retro clothing is nothing but the age or the era in which they are manufactured. The one that used to be manufactured in the past and now is 20-100 years old is called vintage, and the other is manufactured today but is the imitation of past style or the vintage style and hence is called retro (retro dresses UK). There is one more term that is used for outfits and other different things, the term is called “antique”. The dresses or outfits which are more than 100 years old are called antique dresses.

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