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Cost Of Living In Birmingham, Food, Sports, Clothing, Internet And Many More

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How Much Does Living in Birmingham Cost?

As a newcomer to the United Kingdom, one of the first questions is about the cost of living and whether it is a good idea to settle in less well-known places to save money.

It would help if you were concerned about all the costs you’ll have had to deal with there and how they’ll affect your budget.

That is why Birmingham can be the best area for you to live in because it is neither too small nor too expensive.

These expenditures can be reduced if you are willing to dine at a low-cost restaurant.

Generally, over 17% of the monthly budget goes there, implying that Birmingham residents enjoy eating out.

What is a respectable wage in Birmingham?

In the United Kingdom, the average birmingham wage is £35,089 per year, or £17.99 per hourly. Many experienced workers earn an additional to £57,500 per year, whereas entry-level roles start at £27,500.

Market Food

Market food is one of the most significant expenses, but what you’ll need depends on whether you’re a single person living in the UK or are there to care for a family. The prices are far lower at local markets than in pricey stores.

Monthly Cost Of Utility Bills  

Remember that service fees should not be included in rent because while the monthly rent varies based on where you reside, the cost of utilities changes according to how often you use them.

The cheaper the bills, the fewer people who live in one place.

Leisure and sports

There are ways to cut some expenditures, and many people choose not to spend money on recreational activities.

In Birmingham, however, this should not be the case because the prices of these things are so low and sensible that most people can afford them.

Shoes and clothing

Compared to urban areas in the U.k, particularly London, the pricing of clothing products in Birmingham is pretty reasonable.

Even Nevertheless, while clothing would not be necessary for survival, a significant amount of money is spent on it.

Other Costs to Consider

Aside from the apparent expenses of daily life, housing, & housing costs, there are several extra costs and taxes to consider.

Keeping an automobile, for example, might be pricey. Repairs, in addition to the expense of gasoline, road tax, and insurance, can eat into your budget. The average annual cost of owning and operating a car is estimated to be £1,726.

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In today’s world, almost everyone in the United Kingdom has a personal internet subscription. Broadband became necessary for many people as the globe advances toward more remote working. The average annual cost of a phone and broadband is £900.

And, by law, you must pay a TV license to view live TV and any BBC TV program (including on BBCiPlayer). This costs £157.50 for color television and £52 per year for black-and-white television.

This is, of course, in addition to any other unforeseen charges that may arise while you are in the United Kingdom. The average monthly cost of a habitable property is £500. A word of caution: make sure the property you wish to rent will not be in a severe condition of housing degradation.

Expenses as a student

If you are considering going to Birmingham and staying there as a student, your expenses will be more such as your fees, dues, area, tuition fees, and other expenses you have to spend on your studies.

But if you are an international student, you have to ensure that you have come here with a fully-funded scholarship so you can stay here longer. This is the only way you can fulfill your needs and expenses. Ensure all these things before planning to go to Birmingham. 

Additional course costs 

Printing – this is the most significant factor in increasing the expense of students when teachers demand assignments in printed form. At sometimes we submit our work online, which is cost-free, but in printed form, we have to pay money. 


Books – in good colleges or universities, there are many facilities, including a library where students can read books and perform in class. Still, some of the books students must purchase, like textbooks, are necessary, and students must keep with them all the time. 

Graduation costs are associated with hiring your gown for your degree ceremony.

Is Birmingham a Safe Place to Live?

If you plan on relocating here, you should know that some places are unquestionably safer than others. Newtown, Aston, & Hockley are among Birmingham’s most violent neighborhoods. These locations, however, should not be an issue if you exercise caution, as they are primarily residential and include exquisite Victorian architecture.

Newtown Birmingham was home to one of Birmingham’s oldest streets, Newtown Row, which dates back to the Middle Ages. It is also home to a Bull Ring Shopping Mall.

Are the expense of foreigners greater than ordinary people?

If a person who does not belong to Birmingham wants to live here and shift toward Birmingham, then the expenses must be high. The person already living there has different charges that he should pay, but the foreign have to pay additional taxes and payments.


Birmingham is not so expensive to live here. But if some people have too little income, it is hard to live there. 

If we analyze the whole expenses, an average person with a moderate wage can afford the expenses of Birmingham. There is a difference between the commoner, a student, and a professional man. All have different salaries and different ways of living. 


Is the cost of living in Birmingham affordable?

Housing costs are 14% cheaper in Birmingham than the national median, while utility costs are 1% higher. The cost of transportation, such as bus fares and gas, is 9% less than the national median.

What is a reasonable wage in Birmingham, United Kingdom?

In Birmingham, the average annual salary is roughly 84,900 GBP. Salaries are approximately 21,500 GBP (the lowest rate) to 379,000 GBP (the highest rate). This is the approximate yearly salary in which all expenses include housing, transportation, education, food, and other necessary things. 

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