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Advantages Of Electric Vehicle

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Over the past ten years, the popularity of electric vehicles and electric mobility has grown significantly, and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

The age of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles is coming to an end, regardless matter how you measure it—EV sales, EVs on the road, government EV regulations, EVs as a percentage of all vehicle sales, or just automotive manufacturers making electric mobility pledges

Electric Vehicle Advantages

Electric vehicles can contribute to societal efforts to cut carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future. As drivers, however, EVs offer us much more than just the opportunity to lessen our carbon footprint. Additional cost savings, improved performance, and easy electric car charger installations

One benefit of driving an electric vehicle is the instant torque and smooth handling. And let’s face it, the ease of being able to charge wherever you park is something you can get used to more quickly than your typical charging session. In addition, compared to traditional ICE vehicles, EVs require far less maintenance.

There are a lot of unanswered issues concerning EV charging that (potentially) new EV drivers have. Driving an EV, or more precisely charging one, is an entirely different experience for individuals who are considering buying their first electric car or those who have already purchased one.

To help you feel more comfortable making the switch to electric mobility, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions concerning EV charging in this blog

One of the reasons you should purchase an electric vehicle is EV charging.

It seems sense that you would be weighing your alternatives whether you’re looking to purchase your first EV or are thinking about upgrading. How you fill your metaphorical tank is one of the key distinctions between owning an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional car with an internal combustion engine (ICE). The move from filling up a tank with gas to using electricity to charge a battery can be frightening for some people; what if you run out in the middle of nowhere?

Did you know that almost 4 out of 10 current EV owners have no issues at all with charging their cars? One of the best aspects of driving an electric car is actually being able to recharge your battery.

The ability to charge your vehicle virtually anywhere is the primary distinction between driving an electric vehicle and a gas-powered vehicle.

EV charging locations

With an EV, however, you can charge your car almost anywhere: at your house, at the office, at a restaurant, while you’re eating, while you’re shopping, while it’s parked on the street, or you may top off your car’s battery at a petrol station.

Choosing to purchase an EV and considering how to charge it are therefore related decisions. However, because it functions a little differently from how we’re all used to, it may be rather perplexing, particularly when there are so many unfamiliar meanings to learn.

Where to find electric car charging

Generally speaking, there are potential charging locations anywhere you can park your car. You can therefore assume that the locations where you can charge your car are as varied as the electric car types that are now on the market.

The demand for a suitable charging infrastructure network has never been greater as the world transitions to electric transportation. As a result, legislation and incentives for the installation of charging stations are being developed by governments and towns around the world, and an increasing number of companies are entering this new industry.

There will be charging stations everywhere in the future as they become more prevalent street features around the globe, but where are the five most sought-after locations to charge your car right now?

The five most well-liked spots for automobile charging

1. Electric car charging at home

Comparing different charging places, home charging is the most preferred option with a 64 percent share. Not surprisingly, given that charging at home gives electric car owners the convenience of waking up to a fully charged car every day and ensuring they pay only for the electricity they actually use when compared to the cost of electricity for their home.

2. Electric car charging at work

34 percent of existing EV drivers charge their vehicles at work on a regular basis, and many more have said they would love to be able to do so. Therefore, an increasing number of offices are beginning to install EV charging stations as part of sustainability initiatives, and employee engagement plans, and to appease their EV-driving visitors and partners.

3. Public charging stations

Because cities and local governments are spending so much money on the infrastructure for charging, more public charging stations are appearing every day. Currently, 31% of EV drivers happily utilize them, and there are 7.5 EVs for every commercial EV charger, which is excellent.

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