10 Reasons Why You Should Consider React Native Over Native 

by Tabraiz

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by Jawad Ali

There was a time when making a living off of creating apps for mobile platforms with React Native seemed unthinkable. It never received enough attention or funding to enable the creation of ‘native-like’ apps.

The tides have turned, though, and React Native is now gaining ground in terms of both users and market share. It’s getting simpler and easier to make fantastic apps using React Native — and the world is paying notice.

The reason why React Native framework has gained popularity in recent years is because the framework helps accommodate to the platforms at one go and eliminates the holy conflict of picking between iOS or Android development for mobile developers. As a result, several prominent businesses have begun to focus on it, including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, and Bloomberg. Use this post to better understand why you should go with react native.

1. Quick Creation of Apps

Agility, quicker app development and offering an overall nice user experience are the noteworthy advantages given by React Native. It’s designed to make people feel at home. The development time for both iOS and Android can be reduced since the same code can be utilised for deployment on both platforms. This subsequently minimises the time and expense of development. Using React Native reduces development time significantly for react native programmers without sacrificing app quality or efficiency. It also greatly reduces the necessity to hire react native developers in large quantities. 

2. Development of Applications for the Most Popular Mobile Platforms

With the aid of React Native, react native experts can construct a single app for two separate platforms, notably Android and iOS without needing to code right from the beginning. Also, they may utilise the same code for creating apps for various platforms.

3. Huge JavaScript Library

React Native comes with a wide JavaScript library that dramatically boosts the app’s performance. This framework provides a handy developer toolbox that helps to modify processes. Thus, react native development company can easily help you create an app that is easy to use and works like a breeze. 

4. User interface is given a lot of attention

React Native appears to be more of a JavaScript library than a framework due to its focus on UI development for mobile devices. This makes the final mobile app far more refined, more responsive, and speedier than a traditional hybrid app.

5. Simple Instructions

In comparison to other frameworks, understanding React Native is easy. React Native Programmers that are familiar with JavaScript will find learning React Native to be a breeze. The framework does away the need to learn any new languages or write complicated programmes.

Moreover, there is a significant community of developers that gives a strong support for React Native. This group can aid in promptly addressing any minor or major issue experienced by developers. React Native Programmers may take use of the community’s pooled knowledge of the unique React Native programming abilities and the necessary tools.

6. Utilises Minimal Resources

The availability of capital is arguably the most pressing worry for any entrepreneur or react native development company. To thrive in today’s technologically advanced market, every new business has to see rapid profits. It’s necessary to mature more rapidly and to stick around for longer. The primary advantage of employing a React Native developer is the substantial cost and time savings that come from using React Native for mobile app development.

7.It’s really simple to go from a website to a mobile app.

With fragmented modules and understandable code overlays react native is interfaced plainly and appropriately. That implies the application’s code sequence may be understood by any developer. Maintaining access to the app does not need dedicated developers in react native app development. If you’re willing to roll with the punches and push yourself, you won’t have to halt app development even when your team shifts and grows.

8.The memory is not used nearly as much

It runs more smoothly and is compatible with third-party plugins thanks to React Native technologies. Thanks to the advantageous framework’s many components, involving third parties is simplified. Connecting the module to the plugin is simple when using a native module rather than WebView. The aspects of the app’s final output that enable its speedy reaction time are intimately connected to this stage. Since cross-bridge linking is not necessary and the majority of the scripts are used at runtime, React native for iOS and Android platforms consume significantly less memory space and react native experts can help you easily.

9. Enhanced Efficiency through Seamless Plugin Integration

It’s easy to add functionality to your React Native app with these third-party plugins. It doesn’t get in the way of using the other native applications on the smartphone to their full potential. Incorporating this aspect of React Native allows the creation of apps that perform more reliably, load more rapidly, and use less memory.

10. Has a Promising Future

As a result of its flexibility and ease of use, React Native has been used by companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to meet their mobile app development demands. 

In addition, Mobile app Development Companies in India and around the world embrace React Native because of its capacity to reduce development time and cost. The framework is continually being strengthened and updated by the wide community of developers. All of this should be sufficient evidence that React Native is here to stay and will continue to develop. In subsequent decades, it will likely flourish.


In conclusion, You now know who to consult with in order to create a feature-rich, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing mobile application. A growing number of customers are turning to mobile apps rather than websites to interact with both new and established businesses. This blog post summarises why developing for the web using React Native is the best option.

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