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How to Integrate Virtual Numbers In Your E-Commerce Business?

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The e-commerce industry is flourishing and growing by leaps and bounds. As per Forrester, Retail’s online penetration is expected to grow from 4.7% in 2019 to a whopping 10.7% by 2024. More and more companies are joining the bandwagon. Companies are integrating virtual numbers into their e-commerce business to reap several benefits.

Let’s discuss the virtual contact number, why e-commerce businesses are adopting the technology, and different ways to integrate the same.

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-based numbers not associated with any telephone system and not governed by any telephone operators/ companies. Companies use these numbers to forward calls to mobile phones and landlines without worrying about connectivity issues.

Different Ways Businesses Can Use Virtual Numbers

Create Omnipresence: More and more people are shopping online as they can shop within the comforts of their homes. They can explore different products, and make comparisons to make the best buying decision. Customers need instant query resolutions to shop online easily. For ensuring that customers’ needs are met efficiently, e-commerce companies rely on virtual numbers in India. The calls received on the virtual phone number can be diverted to landlines and agents’ mobile phones, thereby increasing their accessibility beyond working hours.

Empower Workforce: The pandemic has changed the way businesses work. Work styles have changed and moved towards hybrid and remote environments. An e-commerce business can leverage the technology and empower its agents to work as efficiently as they would perform onsite with the virtual number set up. It’s a smart plug-n-play solution that can be easily set up and activated. This virtual communication setup is ideal for the remote workforce, and businesses can continue to provide high customer satisfaction. In addition, they can measure agent performance with real-time data insights and ensure that the agents work optimally.

Improve Operational Efficiency:  The agents are the backbone of the communication system for any business. They are the primary contact persons for a business. Callers need quick connectivity, and they want fast query resolutions. A business can optimise the call routes and connect the most suitable agent to the customers. They can route the calls based on the agent’s availability and provide quick connectivity to the clients. The software considers several factors, such as agent conversation history and type of problem. It helps to resolve the customers’ issues more efficiently and resolve them quickly.

Protect Privacy: Data privacy is a significant concern for any business. The virtual business number provides a seamless and uninterrupted communication system and also helps prevent data breaches. The virtual cloud-based number can be integrated with the number masking technology that hides the customers’ confidential information. The business can ensure 100% data privacy with zero data leakage.

Respond to Concurrent Calls: A business can address a major customer pain point- long queues and wait time with virtual numbers. Customers often hang up when they have to wait for a long duration in the call queue. It leads to bad CX, and a business can lose customers to competitors. It can address this issue by answering many callers simultaneously with the virtual business number. It provides high customer satisfaction as agents can respond to more callers.

Better CX: Every company works towards meeting customer expectations, and e-commerce businesses are not an exception. It becomes even more crucial where e-commerce is involved as the business deals directly with the customers. The business can provide a seamless communication system by using virtual phone numbers for client communication.

They can integrate the IVR and address customers’ queries with a highly organised communication system laden with multi-level menus that help businesses to resolve customer queries efficiently. The queries can be related to returns, shipping, or any other product-related information. Customers or prospects can choose the menu that will instantly resolve their issues, and in this way, e-commerce businesses can provide better CX.

Conclusion Businesses can easily buy a virtual number from India’s leading cloud telephony company – Knowlarity. The company offers several cloud-based communication products, including the virtual number India. It also provides a 7-day free trial of the product, which helps you explore the software free of cost.

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