How Do Hair Growth Products Work?

by ghiselle rousso

Almost every man and woman experience hair fall. And unless you have been blessed with thick and glossy hair, I am sure you have searched every part of the aisle in the mall for the products that assure a fuller and thicker growth. 

With an increase in hair issues like excessive shedding, thinning, and baldness, the hair product industry is all set to grow at an unrivaled rate. We can easily find a range of hair growth products, like shampoos, oils, serums, capsules, etc., that claim to speed up hair growth.

People have always moved to some hair care products to keep their hair healthy in older times. Natural remedies were available, but now, products with chemical formulations and supplements are added to the list of some of the best hair growth products.

The herbal remedies for hair are making a comeback and are often mixed with the chemical formulations by many popular companies offering hair growth products. Newly added to the list of hair growth products are laser combs and scalp massagers. Lately, people have also turned to vitamin supplements and medications to reduce their hair fall. But first, let’s see the reason behind the hair fall.

The real reason behind hair fall is hereditary, but sometimes manageable factors also have a hand in hair fall. The manageable factors that trigger hair fall are menopause in women, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, unhealthy diet, illness, and stress.

While a wide range of hair care and hair growth products are available in the market, the question is, are they effective? How do they even work? Every product has different efficacy when it comes to slowing down hair fall. Though the success rate of different hair fall products differs from person to person as everyone has a different hair type. 

Let’s look at the efficacy of some of the best hair growth products –

  • Minoxidil

It is a medication prescribed by dermatologists to treat pattern hair loss in both men and women. It is available in the form of a liquid solution and foam meant for application on a dermatologist’s prescription. Several studies on the efficacy of minoxidil have shown positive results. It acts as an agent for the stimulation of scalp hair regrowth. While this is considered a good solution to treat pattern hair loss, it is not yet known how effective it is in treating other forms of hair loss in men and women.

  • Finasteride

It is a prescription medication often used to treat hair loss in men and is not suitable for women or children. It works as a barrier that blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, the hormone which is responsible for male pattern hair loss. Scientific studies have shown finasteride to be effective in preventing this patterned hair loss in men. Taking this drug in oral form also promotes scalp hair growth. 

  • Hair growth shampoos

After seeing so many advertisements on television, we all know that all hair care companies promise fuller hair growth and prevent any shedding, thinning, or baldness. While shampoos with ingredients like zinc, biotin, and aloe vera do improve your hair growth and the overall quality of your hair, there is no scientific proof of shampoos being the perfect solution to these problems. Volumizing shampoos can make your hair appear fuller, but they do very less to combat hair fall or boost new growth.

  • Hair growth oils

The ancient remedy of a hot oil massage to promote hair growth is making a comeback to the modern hair care routine. While using natural oils like olive oil and almond oil makes your hair shinier and easier to manage, there is no scientific evidence that these oils reverse hair loss or regrow lost hair.

  • Scalp massagers and laser combs

These products came on the market recently and claim to massage your scalp with gentle pressure and boost hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. While these products help you in relaxing, there is no scientific evidence that backs them up for helping with hair loss. 

  • Hair serums

The thing about hair serums is that they are too good to be true and cannot be trusted. They do not promise any kind of hair growth or stop hair fall. the rate at which hair grows back is determined genetically. Although the growth rate of hair varies from person to person, the average is about half an inch a month. Irrespective of the ingredients in the serum, the serums do nothing to change a person’s natural rate of hair growth. 

Hair serums do benefit the scalp, which is important for healthy hair growth. If the hair serums contain ingredients that moisturize the scalp and increase blood flow to the scalp, they improve the condition of the scalp, which in turn improves the quality of hair that follicles produce.

Wrapping Up

No matter how promising a product’s before-after picture looks, no product or combination of ingredients can speed up your hair growth. Brands won’t say out loud that their products increase hair growth, but their marketing tactics make us believe that the products work. These marketing tactics create an illusion and make the buyer try the product at least once. 

Anyone who is experiencing heavy hair fall will be tempted to use the products in the market. However, not all products available in the market work the same for everyone. 

While products like minoxidil and finasteride have a strong scientific backing, other products like hair serum, scalp massager, hair shampoos, and oils do not have any. Sometimes your diet also plays an important role in keeping your hair healthy. When it comes to your hair health, it is better to try products that assure efficacy and have shown the best results.

So, the above-mentioned were some of the best hair growth products. If you are looking for a reliable brand to serve you with some top-notch hair growth products, then MD is what you seek. Their wide collection of effective hair growth products keeps your hair shiny and smooth easily. 

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