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Differences Between Invisible Braces And Other Brace Types

by ghisellerousso

Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are widely accepted braces in Roswell and nearby areas, quite helpful in restoring the appearance of teeth without interrupting your daily activities. Dental treatment is picking up popularity daily and is regarded as the most efficient and secure way to straighten teeth. In contrast to conventional braces, the Invisalign treatment process involves fitting your teeth with transparent aligners, that are much more aesthetic and comfortable.

Still, the overall effectiveness of these invisible braces is a subject of the question. If you also want to learn why these braces are more popular than others, here’s a detailed discussion.

First, explore different types of braces.

There are four popular types of braces, each used for similar purposes yet carrying different abilities. Take a look!


One of the most popular aligner braces is invisible braces, also known by their registered trademark name Invisalign. These see-through appliances give flexibility to the wearer to easily put them on and take them out of their mouth when eating, brushing, or flossing any time of the day.

Since these are custom-made for every individual, they are more comfortable and facilitate maximum progress. However, they are similar to conventional metal braces, though still different.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are the non-branded version of Invisalign and can also be assumed as a substitute for these invisible braces. But in reality, they aren’t. They are removable and transparent but lack the algorithms and calculations used in Invisalign for the proper fittings.

Clear braces or ceramic braces

When compared with traditional metal braces, clear or ceramic braces are less noticeable because they are made of clear material rather than metal. Simply put, these braces may cover tooth-colored ceramic brackets to tighten the teeth.

Lingual braces

Another popular type of brace is a lingual brace. These are attached to the inner side of your teeth, making them almost invisible from the outside most of the time. These are equally effective as conventional metal braces, with added aesthetic benefits.

Metal braces

Metal braces are common teeth aligners that do not require an introduction. A metal wire is used in these braces, which are readily visible when you smile, laugh, or open your mouth.

Invisible Braces Vs Other Braces

After going through all the brace types, Invisalign Roswell looks better. Still, if you’re finding it hard to be convinced of the benefits of these invisible braces, here’s a breakdown of the comparisons we’ve come up with.

Eating and Drinking

Chewy foods that readily stick around teeth have a tendency to get glued around the wires and brackets of a brace. It may result in a breeding ground for bacteria as well. The concern is even prevalent regardless of whether you remember removing your braces or not.

Not only this, if you have ever tried to bite into a chewy food by mistake, it’s likely to damage your teeth as well. But such troubles don’t exist in invisible braces. Simply remove your aligner trays before eating gummy or chewy foods and enjoy. Wear them again once eating is over. Still, brushing your teeth and cleaning the aligners with special cleaners is recommended.

Oral hygiene is easier.

Oral hygiene with Invisalign is as easy compared to all other alternatives as mentioned above. You can simply take out your aligners to perform your daily cleaning routines including brushing and flossing, and put them back once you are done. But make sure you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush or else it can affect your teeth which are a bit sensitive during the treatment.

A special cleaning solution exclusively for Invisalign aligners must be purchased separately. Ask for an orthodontist near me to know more about it. They will recommend it, but with a certain care.


Most Invisalign patients report that moving their teeth out of alignment was more uncomfortable than with other braces. After wearing metal braces as kids or teenagers, patients who had undergone two different braces accepted that invisible braces were more comfortable since they are custom-made for each patient, making them fit better throughout the process.

In comparison to unappealing metal brackets, the aligners are made of smooth plastic and fit smoothly inside the mouth without distorting the appearance of the face at all. Cheeks and soft tissue don’t undergo painful wire tightening, which is a thing with other braces.

Time Spent at the Dentist

Compared to all other braces, patients with invisible braces do not need to go to the orthodontist frequently. Instead, they are merely changed to a fresh set of plastic aligners at home. When switching to new aligners, pressure and discomfort can be sensed in other brace types but not in Invisalign-you can even take them out by yourself.

You only need to return for checkups with your orthodontist every six weeks with Invisalign to ensure your treatment is proceeding as planned and no complications are arriving.

Final Words

Invisalign is ultimately the best option for having a gorgeous smile. Since it is simple to maintain these braces in Roswell, these braces are the best of all. So get in touch with orthodontics today!

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