Cabinet Painting and Kitchen Renovation: How to Coordinate The Two

by ghisellerousso

When you consider renovating your kitchen it might feel like a challenging and time-taking task as it requires a lot of effort and financial budget. But if you are a homeowner then you would completely understand the need of keeping your home as good as new and make it feel like a place that you can rely on and always come back to.
Similarly, it is recommended that you opt for kitchen renovation and keep aside a budget for it because it is one of the most important spaces in the house. If you are a large or closely-knit family, then you must be used to doing everything together at the kitchen table. A kitchen renovation can not only dramatically improve your lifestyle but give you something exciting to look forward to.

Moreover, when it comes to cabinet painting, is also a very vital aspect of kitchen renovations so make sure that cabinet painting is taken care of when you are considering a kitchen renovation. Read on to find out more about how you can align both of these together and come up with a space that looks remarkable and aesthetic.

Matching Kitchen Renovation and Cabinet Painting

When you are renovating your kitchen it is important that you take your cabinet painting into consideration because it should be of similar tones and shouldn’t look like it doesn’t belong to the kitchen.

When people plan on renovating their kitchen along with carrying out cabinet painting, they make sure that the kitchen walls, countertops, flooring as well as cabinets go along. Also, when you are working on Etobicoke Cabinet Painting, you can choose a theme with the same undertones but the colors can be a couple of shades darker or lighter according to what suits the space.

What To Consider When You Are Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets?

As kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive and vital parts of a kitchen remodel, you will have to try out different painting techniques to ensure that the end result becomes satisfying. Also, make sure that the color theme goes along well with the rest of your kitchen and that the cabinets complement the new kitchen look. When you are painting your kitchen cabinets during a kitchen renovation you will have to consider the type of paint, a regular or faux finish, as well as choosing between brush and spray paint.

Choosing the Right Color for Kitchen Cabinets

When you are painting your cabinets it is essential that you properly align all the tasks and make sure that the kitchen theme fits under one color tone. You wouldn’t want to end up in a mess where the cabinets, walls, and flooring are of completely different shades as that will look out of place. When you are finalizing the color for kitchen cabinets there are several things that you need to consider. Those are:

1- Kitchen Size and Lighting

If you have a small kitchen and minimal lighting then opting for dark-colored cabinets like maroon, brown, gray, or black will make your space feel cramped and small. For a smaller kitchen, it will be better if you opt for light color choices like white, off-white, and yellow, or pastel tones like blue and pink. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen space then you can even choose dark cabinets like dark green, black, or even red as these are versatile options that will hugely complement a spacious kitchen.

2- Consider Combinations

If you don’t want your kitchen to appear as a dull, dark, and gloomy space then a wise choice would be to go with different color options and combinations. For example, if you have a kitchen with lots of light you could go with two different colors like white and blue for a peaceful feeling.

Similarly, if you are inclined towards darker colors then you could use the same tone colors like grey and black, black and white, and dark blue and light blue. Two-toned cabinets will help highlight certain areas and different-colored cabinets can be a practical choice as you can place darker cabinets at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.

3- Coordinate Cabinets with Walls

When you match your kitchen walls with the cabinets present in your kitchen it can help you create your aesthetic space along with following a color them. You can easily coordinate the cabinets with the walls by using contrasting colors like opting for different color tones like grey or black, pink and white, as well as light green and white.

Moreover, if you don’t feel like using multiple colors for your kitchen cabinets and kitchen walls you can also go for lighter colors like white and off-white. As both walls and cabinets are an important part of your kitchen, they will help elevate the look.

4- Think About the Mood in Your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen space decide on what you would like it to be. Is your kitchen more of a place where you cook or bake during the day or do you mostly prefer eating out? Depending on how you spend your day you should be able to set the mood in your kitchen. If the lighting in your kitchen is bright then you should be choosing cabinets that are painted in lighter colors. Similarly, if you have more of a cozy feel in your kitchen along with dim lighting then dark-colored cabinets should be a good option.

5- Choose Between Paint Options

Once you are done deciding the colors and combinations for your cabinet painting and kitchen renovation, then you will have to work on choosing between oil paint or spray paint. This choice completely depends upon what your requirements are as well as the budget that you have. For example, if there is an upcoming event next week and you want to get done with your work then spray paint will be a better fix. Similarly, if you have enough time and want a nice and shiny finish, then oil paint is a recommended choice.

Parting Note

Working on a kitchen renovation can take up a lot of your time and energy so make sure you create a set schedule that you can follow with ease. This way you won’t have to worry about running out of time and will also be able to focus on other chores. As kitchen renovation is a process that needs proper planning and consideration so make sure that you don’t rush things and take time to sort out important things like choosing the wallpaper or kitchen cabinet colors. We hope that we were able to help you out through this guide and you understood the importance of cabinet painting during kitchen renovation.

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