IGCSE schools in Whitefield Bangalore

Best IGCSE Schools in Whitefield Bangalore

by ghisellerousso

Whitefield is a neighborhood of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, established in the late 1800s as a settlement for the Eurasians and Anglo Indians of Bangalore, Whitefield remained a quaint little settlement at the eastern periphery of Bangalore city till the late 1990’s when the local IT boom turned it as a major suburb. It is now a major part of Greater Bangalore. It is renowned as a haven for top multinational information technology companies. We are trying to help the residents of Whitefield in finding the IGCSE schools in Whitefield Bangalore, Bangalore for their child’s education.

Whitefield has become synonymous with quality education and has emerged as one of India’s best places to study. With its location close to important educational hubs like Jayanagar and Indiranagar, it offers an excellent academic environment with world-class facilities at reasonable prices.

For students who want to pursue higher studies or would like to study abroad, there are several reputed institutes offering courses like Engineering, Medicine and Management Studies, etc., which will serve as great stepping stones for them in their future career paths.

Here is the list of IGCSE schools in Whitefield Bangalore

1. The Global Indian International School

The advanced academic programming at The Global Indian International School is combined with a variety of extracurricular activities in a welcoming and supportive environment.

It offers Montessori, Kindergarten, and Grade 1–Grade 12 curricula and is associated with the CBSE Board.

It is a group of intelligent thinkers, doers, and change agents. GIIS represents a spirit of community, cooperation, and oneness.

As a result, their daily lives are more enjoyable. We are honored to have received the trust of several parents who ask us to look after their children.

2. The Green School Bangalore

The UN has adopted SDG 2030 and The Green School Bangalore is the only school that is zero energy, zero carbon, and zero waste, and it was built with the most organic materials possible to help global sustainability in every manner.

TGSB is much more than just academics, programs, and physical facilities. It is a school that actively promotes world sustainability. Each element of the school contributes significantly to the success of the overall plan through its support of sustainability, including the curriculum, the physical environment, and our culture.

As the only green school in Varthur-Whitefield, The Green School Bangalore is dedicated to developing green leaders and change-makers. With activities, materials, and events that support better food and nutrition, indoor air quality, and the 3Rs: reducing, reusing, and recycling, the school places a strong emphasis on green consciousness for both students and staff. TGSB is committed to the “development of ecologically sustainable and energy-efficient systems and practices in K–12 schools” and is a source of green curricula.

3. Vydehi School Of Excellence

The Vydehi Group includes the Vydehi School of Excellence. Dr. D.K. Audikesavulu Naidu, who believes in providing the greatest education possible for a good and fulfilling future for the kids, launched it in 2009.

The educational environment that Vydehi School offers its students allows them to develop their particular potential and a sense of self that will be valued by society.

The school eventually expanded to offer daycare services as well. The childcare facility uses a planned curriculum. It incorporates many physical activities, individual and group activities, mealtimes, and snacking.

4. The Bangalore School:

The Bangalore School’s mission is to be a loving institution that promotes a child’s holistic development.

The school will work to develop each student’s attitude toward studying, helping others, and protecting the environment in order to become one of the best schools in Whitefield, Bangalore.

The school must work to achieve a noticeable increase in the student’s communication skills, social skills, and self-confidence. We will help the child hone his or her leadership skills and create a sense of accountability in them.

5. Deens Academy:

With more than 2500 content students, The Deens Academy is a CBSE school that opened its doors in May 2006.

Our friendly and devoted teaching and support staff members work as a single, well-oiled machine to create a learning environment that is vibrant, inspiring, and enjoyable for every kid. This is what characterises us.

The school is divided into a Kideens kindergarten division, playgroups, LKG, and UKG, primary (grades 1–4), middle (grades 5–7), senior (grades 8–10), and senior secondary levels (grades 11-12).

6. Glentree Academy:

Glentree Academy-Whitefield is conveniently situated in Bengaluru’s IT Corridor. The school now offers programs affiliated with the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), and it plans to do so in the near future, along with programs affiliated with IGCSE (Cambridge).

Glentree Academy’s tagline, “Learning for Life,” aptly captures its core beliefs.

The main emphasis is on providing the child with everyday experiences that help them comprehend and engage with their environment.

It is one of the greatest schools in Bangalore’s Whitefield because of its comprehensive academic program and wide range of extracurricular activities. Learning at Glentree Academy is enjoyable, balanced, and challenging for all students.

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