A Basic Guide to Mining HNT

by ghiselle rousso

Crypto mining might sound like a high-tech activity, but it’s much simpler than it sounds. At least in the the case of mining HNT, you don’t need any kind of heavy-duty supercomputer to mine it yourself. All you need is a small mining device—known in the industry as Helium hotspots—and your home wifi connection. This simplicity and accessibility are central to the Helium network’s design. As a peer-to-peer network made to be both operated and used by the public, Helium runs on user-deployed hotspots set up in homes, offices, shops, rooftops, and other places around the world.

These hotspots allow Helium’s users to mine HNT, as a reward for powering the network. If you’re interested in mining HNT from the comfort of home, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How do I start mining HNT? 

To mine HNT, you’ll need just one device: a Helium hotspot. This home device is usually quite compact and just big enough to hold in one hand. To deploy it, all you to do is connect it to your home wifi and activate the device. Once your hotspot is set up to transfer data, it then functions as a gateway for the Helium network and starts earning HNT crypto tokens.

How exactly do I set up my hotspot? 

Setting up a hotspot is easy. When it comes to the software, most hotspots are equipped with an accompanying mobile app that you can use to configure, activate, and monitor your device. Since hotspots are generally made for layman’s use, they’re also designed to be fairly quick and simple to install, without much technical know-how necessary.

As for the physical set up of a hotspot, all you have to do is choose your location, plug the device, and power on. This process can be more or less complex depending on where you choose to install your device. Some brands provide indoor hotspot and outdoor hotspot kit that come with the necessary accessories. For example, if you’re setting up your device for the outdoors, you’ll likely need a protective casing, heavy-duty antenna, and a pole to extend the device’s height. To maximize your hotspot’s connectivity, it’s always best to install your device in an outdoor location with high visibility and height. Common places include balconies, rooftops, windows, and outdoor mounting poles. However, setting up a hotspot indoors can work well too.

What is the best Helium miner for me? 

There are tons of crypto hardware brands in the market to choose from. Popular options include the RAK Hotspot V2, MNTD. hotspots, Bobcat miner, and more. When choosing a hotspot, consider what features you may want for your device, such as a native app, compact design, and user-friendly interface. Brands like MNTD. for example, offer easy-to-install devices that are made specifically for everyday consumers, and require no crypto or technical knowledge. Other things to consider include the location of your hotspot—are you setting up indoors or outdoors? Will you need additional accessories to mount your device? Will you need an antenna to boost your hotspot visibility? If you plan to set up outdoors, you may want to opt for a full hotspot kit with protective accessories already included.

How much HNT can you mine a day?

The amount of HNT you can earn through hotspot mining varies depending on a number of factors. This includes your location, how many active hotspots surround your device, as well as the actual state of the Helium network and its reward distribution. According to Helium Analytics, the current rate for average rewards is 0.095 HNT. However, it may vary depending on your location and setup. There is no surefire way to predict your mining outcome. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to choose a location with fewer hotspots around—the less saturated your area is, the higher your earning potential. 

How do I increase my HNT earnings?

Like we mentioned, there is no guaranteed way to boost your HNT earnings. Mining crypto is more about the long-term gain, so it’s best not to expect instant gratification when you’re just getting started. However, there are some things you can do to help improve your chances. Finding a great location for your hotspot setup first is of utmost importance. Keep your device online always and choose a reliable wi-fi source, and make it a habit to check the status of your device. 

Is investing in Helium and crypto mining a guaranteed way to earn profit?

The short answer: no. Any investment—especially in a market as new and volatile as crypto—involves risk, so you’re highly encouraged to do your own research before making any decisions.

Can I trade or sell my HNT earnings from mining?

Yes, you can. Just like any crypto currency you invest in, it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to hold your earnings long-term or short-term. As for storing your HNT tokens, the most secure option would be to transfer them to a hardware wallet. These small devices are about the size of a USB and require a security phrase as its password. Hardware wallets also allow you to store different types of crypto tokens at once—which is perfect if you plan to mine both of Helium’s current native tokens, #HNT and #MOBILE.

As long as you have a Helium-mining hotspot, it only takes minutes to set up, connect to the network, and start earning HNT. Join the future of wireless networks today!

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