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5 Reasons to Consider Invisalign Clear Aligners

by ghisellerousso

Almost every person with misaligned, misplaced, or ugly-looking teeth is ready to confront that old-school metal braces look-because they have been taught that it’s the only option. Hold on! If you were also about to wear those metal brackets or wires, you have a great alternative: Invisalign Clear Aligners.

These clear braces comfortably and perfectly align your teeth in half the time that conventional braces could take. Invisalign clear aligners Everett is a successful and discreet orthodontic treatment option. But in case you are still looking for some good reasons to convince your mind to accept the treatment, the discussion below may help you out.

What is Invisalign?

With the help of Invisalign, uneven teeth can be beautifully corrected without compromising the appearance of the patient. These custom-made transparent braces have been named Invisalign (invisible + align) as they invisibly align your teeth. But its functions are identical to the conventional braces. Such as, the aligner gradually moves teeth into the ideal position but relatively faster. They are merely more visible than conventional metal braces since they are custom-made with see-through material.

What Is Invisalign Made From?

These aligners are made using BPA-free plastic that gives Invisalign a see-through texture. The material even makes the whole appliance much more comfortable to wear as compared to conventional metallic braces. Your teeth will be straightened with these specialized transparent aligners, and that’s too, without having an adverse impact on the stunning smile you have. An orthopedist will have a short consultation with you before providing you with Invisalign Everett clear aligners. Most patients want to get only a few teeth corrected. Thus, the doctor may try to give them a personalized treatment.

5 Reasons to Say a Big “YES” to Invisalign Clear Aligners

Here is a brief explanation of the unique perks of selecting Invisalign over braces for the treatment:

  1. Keep Eating Your Favorite Foods.

No worries! You do need to compromise on your diet. You don’t need to exclude your favorite crunchy or sticky foods from the diet, like chocolate or caramel. You only need to take precautions with aligners. Simply take them out and enjoy that delicious meal. To prevent discoloration or bacterial buildup in these invisible aligners, consider cleaning your teeth properly after each meal.

Aligners may seem yellowish brown after being stained, and it’s possible you may lose that nearly invisible appearance. Diet restrictions are frequently required when having metal braces to safeguard the wires and brackets.

  • Fix Multiple Teeth Problems, Not One

Not only will Invisalign transparent aligners work magic by straightening your misaligned teeth, but they can even reduce spaces between teeth, and treat underbites, overbites, and crossbites without interfering with your appearance. While Invisalign is very adaptable and fuses naturally with one’s smile, it is still not advised for people having severe dental issues.

  • Fewer Consultations, No Hassles

80% of the tasks involved in this best orthodontist’s procedure for Invisalign are done inside the lab before you start wearing the aligners. Compared to typical metal braces, you only switch to the new aligner every 2nd to 3rd week after wearing the first. Visiting the dentist for frequent adjustments isn’t essential with these invisible braces. Fewer consultations imply less expensive treatment, a shorter break from work or school, and, most importantly, lower travel costs.

  • No More Sharpy Edges!

The mouth’s gentle tissues can sometimes be damaged by metal brackets. The lining of your cheek may also be wounded by lengthy wires, especially those that haven’t been adequately trimmed. Clear aligners serve as a pleasant treatment for the wearer since there is no metal or sharp edges to injure in between sessions. You may feel pressure on the teeth the first few days you put them on. But once new aligners perfectly fit into your mouth, the discomfort reduces gradually. This pressure is an indication that Invisalign is realigning your teeth.

  • Simple oral hygiene routines

As Invisalign is easily detachable, you can keep up with your regular dental cleaning routine. Unfortunately, those wearing braces must develop a more complex routine to preserve dental health. For instance, to prevent plaque buildup or food particles from becoming clogged between the teeth and metal braces, thread-flossing must be done routinely. You may even need to repeat this operation for every single tooth after every meal. But you can take off your transparent aligners and floss as usual.

Final Words

Have you made a decision regarding whether or not to choose Invisalign clear aligners to fix your ugly-looking teeth for a good look? Delay no longer! However, the cost difference between traditional braces and Invisalign is modest, but in terms of benefits, clear braces have excelled. Patients often express satisfaction with the procedure and excellent success rates of Invisalign treatment. So when considering dental aligners, search for invisible braces for adults near me or contact your orthodontist for more good suggestions on the treatment and the process.

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